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Guo Hongxin —— "Reading"
Release time: 2024-05-07 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Guo Hongxin & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1551    Share to:

Honest to say,I don't read much books,Not refined reading,But the book cannot be separated。Watch the book before going to bed every night,This is the habit of developing in school,Even sometimes busy,Back to the house is very late,But even if you only look at a few lines,Only to sleep well。Someone may not believe it,But the facts are so。Reading is like three meals a day for me,Nothing to read。

Many people ask,You love to read books so,Then what have you gained。In my opinion,If you read the reference book,Then you read with your attitude of learning,No problem。But for me,Reading is purely a hobby,Is a kind of love,Incorporate it,Forgotten,This is not a kind of enjoyment,Is a kind of happiness。Just like someone likes to run,Someone likes singing,Someone likes to explore,It's pure like,That's it。

Readable,It seems that it can really bring me some benefits。Sometimes I work for a whole day,When the body feels very tired,Reading Book Ton feels refreshing,One day'M88 games fatigue disappears。Sometimes it is tangled with the garlic skin in life,Reading Bookstors feels open -hearted,Many troubles will be cleared instantly。Sometimes encountering problems in the bottleneck,Reading Book calm down,Thinking will become clear。So,The benefits of reading are quite a lot。

Reading is actually a very romantic thing。Maybe it is a bookstore in the corner of the street,Maybe in the reading room of the mining area,Maybe it is a sudden old book stall,Win a book quietly,Gently read,It's like a non -meta -faced face、A friend who is also thoughtful to meet and talk,This is really a beautiful enjoyment。Especially when meeting a good book,Just want to read it in one breath,Otherwise, you will feel regret。

The better the story is written by the story,The more attractive people。"Dream of Red Mansions", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Ordinary World", etc.,There are also foreign classic "Anna Carenina", "Earl of Christia", "Camellia Girl", etc.,I believe it is the most disgusting。But it is not so much reading a story,It is better to look at the extraordinary life,Look at the different choices of different lives,Look at the expression of different lives,Behind every intriguing story,All an era、A group、One sons。

Actually,The process of reading the book,Also discovered beauty、Appreciate beauty、The process of pursuing beauty。For example, watch "Dream of Red Mansions",Look at the group of 13 -year -old teenagers,View flowers in the youth of the Grand View Garden,Yin Poetry Make Belly,Five colorful color blooming youth,It is really impressive; for example, watching "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms",Look at Taoyuan Sanjie,Look at the three -way cottage,Look at Liu Bei and others to recover the Chinese room with the same bitterness、The difficult journey of the big cause,What kind of passion is full of passion; for example, watch "Ordinary World",Look at Shaoan、Shao Ping Brothers Two,Do not succumb to the mercy of fate,Do not yield in front of difficulties,Create a happy experience with struggle,This is not an incentive。

Of course,There are positive characters and stories in the book,There will be insidious、Cunning、deception, etc.,Like real life。But in front of the villain,Those upright、Sincerely、Good、Tough、Brave is even more valuable,It is also more full of love for life。

Reading in all ages,Feeling is very different。Because the position is different、Different perspective、M88 gameDifferent experience,The scenery you see is not the same。So,I think I must read,Start reading from the moment,Cherish every chance of reading,Enjoy the journey of each paragraph,Read more、Read a good book、Reading Book,Make reading becomes a Hong Ganquan that nourishes life。(Guo Hongxin)