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Shaanxi Coal Group organizes party discipline education and education and reading class
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May 13,Shaanxi Coal Group organizes the party discipline education and reading class of middle -level managers。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi attended the opening class and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、General Manager Zhao Futang hosted the opening class。

This reading class aims to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensive implementation of the central government、The deployment of party discipline learning and education,Earnestly study m88 casinothe newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),Further mobilize the group of party members and leaders of the group、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Promote the party discipline study and education of the group company to go deep and go deep。Reading class for three days,The goal requirements of party discipline and education will be closely focused on,Take special counseling、Collective self -study、How to combine the combination of intensive discussion and exchange,Original book、Study "Regulations",Carrying and discussions with actual situation,I want to put myself in、Put my responsibilities in、Put the job in,Deep learning、Ming rules know ring,Strict influenced by party discipline and party discipline,Get a solid learning effectiveness。

Zhang Wenqi pointed out,Carry out party discipline learning and education,It supports the "two establishment"、Important measures to achieve "two maintenance",It is the actual need to promote the group's comprehensive and strict development of the party,is a strong guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of the group。The group must deeply understand the significance of carrying out the education and education of party discipline,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of carrying out party discipline and education,Political consciousness of strengthening party discipline learning and education。New revised "Regulations",is the basic trunk of party discipline learning and education,"Six Discipline" is an important part of it,To accurately grasp the main point of meaning and internal requirements of the "six disciplines",Consciously use the party rules and party discipline correction thinking bias、Measurement of daily words and deeds,The process of really making the party discipline,Become a consciousness of enhanced discipline、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。Strictly observe political discipline,Forever political nature; strictly observe organizational discipline,Enhance the concept of organizational; strict adherence to integrity m88 casino reviewdiscipline,Build a clean bottom line; strictly observe the discipline of the masses,Stability of the people's position; strictly obey work discipline,Diligence performing duties and responsibilities; strictly adhere to life discipline,Correct life style。

Zhang Wenqi emphasized,Focus on "target requirements、Question orientation、Supervision and discipline、Achievement conversion、Concentrated rectification "five key,Further enhanced action consciousness。Party organizations at all levels of the group should strengthen the targeted and accuracy of party discipline learning and education,Focus on solving some party members、Cadres are not attentive for party rules and party discipline、Don’t understand、Don’t master questions,Clarify what the party's discipline is,What can I do to understand、What can be done,Will learn the Regulations、Strong Party、Defense Discipline、Speaking of rules integrated into daily、Grab it frequently。It is necessary to combine party discipline learning and education with inspection and audit rectification work,Focus on bidding、Fund Management、Personnel Recruitment、Fund Management、Investment mergers and acquisitions、Personnel Recruitment、Cadre selection and other questions,Effectively solve the refractory problem and unhealthy wind that restricts the high -quality development of the group,Let's follow the rules and regulations、Operation according to law、Compliance management becomes a habit,Promoting the Group's comprehensive compliance of investment to all decisions in comprehensive compliance。Group Discipline Inspection Commission must comprehensively deepen the construction of clean and honest state -owned enterprises,Steady Promoting Pilot Discipline Inspection and Supervision Reform,Further strengthen the comprehensive management of party members and cadres at all levels of the group、Regular supervision,Especially to focus on the "key minority" and the leadership team, the "key minority",aiming at key positions、Key links and important nodes,Tube key person,Keep key things,M88 gameTube at the key point。Fay close to the market situation changes,Seize the opportunity of reform and development,Solid promotion of the transformation of the results of learning and education,Efforts to work with your own work,Come on the uncertainty of the external environment,Make sure to achieve the annual set of various set tasks,Effectively use real work effectiveness to test the effectiveness of party discipline learning and education。Party organizations and disciplinary inspection agencies at all levels of the group,Standing on the political height of resolutely achieve "two maintenance",With the most vivid attitude,The most powerful measure,The strictest style of style,Strongly carry out the major political tasks of the unrequited wind and corruption of the masses and the problem of corruption.。

Zhang Wenqi request,The group managers of the group should take this reading class as an opportunity,Give play to the "key minority" role,Guide all party members and cadres to enhance the concept of discipline、Reinforcement discipline constraints,externalization into action conscious,externalization into action conscious,Internalization into a spiritual pursuit,Permination of the whole process of work and life,Aware of the Ji Ji、Mingji、Shouji,The results of high -quality party discipline learning and education,Gathering Feng Qi Zheng、The strong power of the officer entrepreneurs。

Zhao Futang requirements in the summary speech,All units should quickly pass the spirit of Zhang Wenqi to party organizations at all levels,Let the group form a consensus in ideological understanding,Forms a joint force in promoting work,Get results in guiding practice to promote development,Realize new breakthroughs。Students must study in -depth discussions through systematic learning,Really enlightenment of the Regulations,Let the new era party internalize the requirements of cadres、Externalization、Practice in line,Constantly use party rules and party discipline thinking and action,Efforts to transform the learning and education results into a powerful motivation for promoting work。To combine key tasks,M88 gamePromote the development of quality and efficiency of development,Keep an eye on key links,Coordinated investment compliance,Decreased corporate governance、Cost control、Non -productive expenditures、Fattering liquidation、Supercomputing project demonstration,Normal stock finance and fund cleanup,Key work such as safety and environmental internal collaboration,Forms a strong joint force to promote the high -quality development of the enterprise。

Open Class adopts online+offline way,Member of the Group's Party Discipline Learning Education Leading Group,The Group's Quasi -Advanced Group、Middle level 1、Middle -level second -level managers attended the meeting at the main venue of the group; other middle management personnel were in Tongchuan Mining、Pu Bai Mining、Shennan Industry、A branch venue set up by Huazhong Electric Power Company to participate in the meeting。(Liang Xinxing)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website