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Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Ambulance Squadron: Practice "Salvation" True British
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"7 minutes and 35 seconds,There is also the last lap,Come on! "The sunlight is sprinkled on the training ground of Hanjiawan Coal Company,The guys of the ambulance squadron are struggling to run,Sweat fell on the ground like rain,But their pace is always firm and powerful,No hesitation and retreat。

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In order to further improve the comprehensive quality of all the commanders and the ability of single m88 casinosoldiers,The ambulance squadron uses this gold May,Organization team members conduct comprehensive training。The guys shake all the spirit、Yingzi Gelish,Exhibition on the training ground。

"We are the last line of defense for guarding the safety of the mine,We must have the determination and perseverance of breaking through yourself。"The team captain Lei Hao stood in front of the team,Extremely expression,Reflection in the eyes。

In the training of climbing training,They are agile,Climb the rope at an amazing speed and skills; during weightlifting training,They are constantly challenging themselves,Breakthrough power limit;,The sound of a sound of iron echoed on the training ground; in the intense action training,They fully show the powerful power of unity and cooperation ...

Theoretical learning is equally important,The team makes full use of the class before the class、On Tuesday Friday, etc.,Supervise the learning m88 casinoeffectiveness of all members。Regular exchange meetings,The team members actively participate in the discussion,Share their respective experiences and opinions,Continuously broaden your own knowledge area。

"The perseverance of teammates inspires us new employees,Efforts to improve the comprehensive quality and combat level for the safety of the mine,It is our mission that we are inconspicuous! "Liu Hao, a new college student, said firmly。

May,They cast an indestructible combat power with sweat and hard work,They always keep high alert,Interpretation of responsibilities and responsibilities with practical actions,Build a firm line of defense for the company’s safe production。(Li Heng)