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Li Taoyan —— "My Mother is But Mother's Day"
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Dusk,Sunshine is sprinkled on the window of the old house,The mottled shadow is projected on the wooden floor,Time seems to be in this quiet afternoon solidification,Only hanging clocks on the wall,Still in ticking,Remind the passing of time。Sitting at the table of my grandmother's house,My eyes were unconsciously cast towards that wear and fade,Mother's smile when she was young,Fresh and warm。

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Mother is a traditional woman,Her world is all dedication and sacrifice to the family。Mother's Day,A day full of warmth M88 loginand gratitude,But it looks extraordinary at our home。Perhaps because the mother never advocates celebration,Perhaps it is because we are all used to her obscure payment,This festival is in our house,Always slip away silently。

In my childhood memory,Mother's image is always so busy and strong,Her back looks like a mountain,Make me feel extremely safe and reliable。She adds clothes to me in the cold winter,Fan Wind for me in the hot summer,Put my umbrella for me on the night of wind and rain。

Remember when I was in college,Call the home on the day of Mother's Day。Phone over,Mother's voice is as calm as usual: "You learn well,We are all very good at home,You don’t have to worry about。"I ask her if there is any special arrangement,She just smiled: "Nothing special,is the usual day。"She does not need the hustle and bustle of the festival to prove her value,Every day she is interpreting the greatness of motherly love in her own way。

Now,I have grown up for adults,I still like to stay with my mother,M88 loginListen to her trivial matters about the past,Even if she still says, "Nothing special。"Whenever traditional festivals、Women's Day、Mother's Day is coming,When I am by her side,or flowers、or greeting card、or a gift that mother likes,I will always buy it for her。Although I know that my mother might not be able to celebrate it because of this,But this is the way I express gratitude。

Perhaps,Our Mother's Day is not lively,No gift,No party,But some are a deep gratitude and love。​​I hold my mother’s hand,Those pairs of laundry and cooking for me、Hand comfortable to tears for me,Now it has been covered with traces of years。

I know,Mother's happiness is never because of a specific holiday,but because of our happiness and health。Her love,Like the sunlight of this afternoon,Warm and long -lasting,illustrated every corner of my growth。(Li Taoyan)