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Zhang Zongyong —— "To the Coal Worker"
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The lane road extended in the well mouth

Sleeping of the whistle through the silence

A startled bird, beat the wings

Fanfa disappears in the dark mountains

The working surface under the well is bright

The roar of the machine with the Heat is echoed with the machine

sweat dripping the shirt

The bright forehead is reflected in the coal wall

Black eyes interpret firm confidence

The belt kept transporting Wujin

Wind black ribbon

Climbing to the trestle bridge, and the hardness of the tube warehouse

At the time of dawn

The shiny crystal crystal

Cutting coal knocking on the carriage

The train rushes to the direction of the railway

An Ning of one night

Quietly unveil the sunny morning

Breeze wrapped in noisy and defined forward

Playing exciting songs and celebrations

(Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company Zhang Zongyong)