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Li Jiancheng- "Summer Impression"
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In northern Shaanxi,Summer seems to have a magical power,It is not extremely hot at the beginning,Sunny and not lingering,Still with gentleness in the end of spring。

Summer morning is the most pleasant moment of the day。The sky is clear and clear,The air is fresh and cool,On both sides of the road,Weekly weed with the wind,Occasionally you can see pedestrians M88 loginbusy,Start their busy day。Their shadow is stretched by gentle morning light,It looks extraordinary and tough。As the sun gradually rises,The earth is warm and humid,Flowers and plants stretch the body,Show the vitality and gentleness of the early summer。

Summer Flower. Jpg

In this sun -like season,Plants show a tenacious vitality。Under the illumination of sunlight,They not only do not wither,Instead, it is more glorious,Each drop of water on the leaves is like a inlaid crystal,Shining with light。All kinds of flowers are competing open,Some pure snow white,Some red like flames,Putting this summer is vivid and beautiful。Trees and flowers and plants together form a cool and cool place,Even at the hottest noon,Someone still walks leisurely in the bushes,Enjoy a hint of coolness brought by this green。

Summer afternoon in northern Shaanxi,There may be a sudden thunder M88 appshower。The sky with summer steaming is instantly covered by Wuyun,Thunder sounds low in the distance,During the heavy rain pouring down。Rain point hit the land,Eaves a rustling sound,The earth was quickly cooled,The aroma of dirt permeable in the air。After the rainstorm,The clouds in the sky seem to be dyed,Show pink、Orange、Light purple staggered pattern。

Summer in northern Shaanxi,Although hot and short,but full of vitality of life。People here,Use sweat and smile,Interpretation of love for life,It reflects deep power in warmth。(Hanjiawan Coal Company Li Jiancheng)