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Party building empowerment,Mechanical Division and Starting again -Hanjiawan Coal Company hosts the opening ceremony of the amateur party school and the first phase of the party affairs knowledge training class
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To further enhance the m88 casino reviewcomprehensive business ability of the majority of party cadres,Focus on creating a high -quality party cadre team,May 18,Hanjiawan Coal Company organized the opening ceremony of the amateur party school school and the first phase of the party affairs knowledge training class,From the business departments of the party and the masses、More than 30 people in the party branch of the grassroots at the grassroots level gathered together,Charging in thought、Come on with ability,Storage for development。

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"Everyone must make full use of this amateur party school training platform,Strengthen the learning and understanding of party affairs,Continuously improve the ability and level of solving problems ... "At the opening ceremony,The company secretary of the company's party committee Wang Xiaobing put forward specific requirements on how to carry out this training course on high quality。

To effectively grasp the construction of amateur party schools and the first phase of party affairs knowledge training class,The company's party committee working department formulates training plan in detail,Determine the form of the training class、Participants、Teaching method and lecture content。At the same time,Upgrade and reconstruction of the construction of amateur party school positions,Created a strong learning atmosphere。

How to improve the quality of this party's knowledge training course? After careful research and discussion,The company's party committee working department starts from setting up the content of the lecture,Work practice around the party branch,Analysis of the working system and common problems of the party branch、Develop party membership process interpretation、Interpretation of the "Regulations on m88 casinoDisciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and other courses,Ensure that training is "quenching thirst" and "full"。

"Except for the practical course carefully set,This training invites the grassroots party branch secretary who participated in the party affairs knowledge training of the group company as a lecturer,Let them teach on -site,Help participants to better absorb the theoretical knowledge of the party building。"Zhou Nixin, Minister of the Party Committee of the Company said。

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Knowledge Teaching、Case analysis、Error correction、Question thinking ... This training abandons the previous mechanical rigid explanation,Flexible innovation of training methods,Promote the training content into the brain。

"Before the official opening,I want to ask everyone to think about a few questions first,What is the party building? What kind of literacy should the secretary of the party branch have?

As a lecturer in this training course,Chen Yiliang, secretary of the party branch of the company's comprehensive excavation team at the beginning of the lecture,Throwing the party building issues often asked from participants,Then use this as the entry point,Detailed analysis of the working system and common problems of the party branch,Rich theoretical and practical meals for everyone to praise。

In the interpretation of the party membership process,The company's electromechanical operation team secretary Gao Zhen made an in -depth explanation of the "5 major programs"。At the same time,The main points that should be paid attention to in each process and explained and explained some new changes in the current m88 casino reviewdevelopment of party members。

Lecturers carefully "cooking" training packages are full of dry goods,It laid a solid foundation for the further party building work of the party branch。Tongwei Maintenance Team Corporate Culture Member Qiang Xinxin said,"Accuracy、Targeted teaching content,Make up for our knowledge gap、experience blind spots and weaknesses。”

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Ask Qu to be so clear? Come on the living water。Tastest and enriched the first phase of party affairs training, although the end ended,But the footprint of struggle has never stopped。

"Combined with this training,We want to take the key work of the year's party building as the starting point,Continue to improve the basic standardization of party building、Systematic operation of party building operation、The integration of party building functions and the level of actual effect of party building,Keep promoting party building work and then go to a new level。"The Party Committee Working Department issued a" mobilization order "to all party cadres。

"I will learn from this training,Further shortcomings、Strong and weak items、Yang advantage,Focus on promoting the standardized construction of the party branch、Increased efficiency、Upgrade。"" Li Jintao, the party branch secretary of the recruitment team, is full of confidence。

The mind is washing、Thought is sublimating,The passion of the officer entrepreneurship constantly bursts out。Li Wei, a party member of the second branch of the organs, said that he will seriously recur learning content,Focus on the annual party building work goals of the party branch,Application for it,Constantly play the M88 gamerole of the pioneer of party members,Make sure that all work tasks are successfully completed。

The company's party committee will use the live amateur party school platform,Effectively run through the comprehensive quality of party affairs personnel,Lapts a solid foundation for the realization of high -quality party building leading the high -quality development of the enterprise。(Ai Feng Qiao Huibin)