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Hanjiawan Coal Company recruiting teams: Double -line excavation encounters to make labor competitions "March"
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Broken Noodles Cut Eyes High Standards、Reinforcement support is high efficiency to complete、Large -scale equipment is methodical ... late May,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Company opened the "one coal layer, one digging noodles,Double Line Qi Combat "new journey,A fiery labor competition "March"。

M88 app

Turn the opening to prepare for the "Tackling Battle"

"223102 is the company's second coal pillar application work surface,It has been successfully delivered now,After that, you need to be ‘prepared for the whole army’,Open the dual -line excavation。"to ensure the company's mining continuity,The Lianjie Team assumed the 223103 retracement channel and the construction task of 214205 header project。

"Lane road breaks more,Also cooperate with the construction wind bridge,We have to plan a good plan。"" Lianjian team learning room,Production Deputy Captain Qiao Quanpeng is carefully studying M88 gamethe belt head drawing,Technician Liu Yang holds a ruler pen in hand,Care carefully。

Two sets of excavation systems,Two geological conditions。To lower this "hard bone",Lian recoil teams held the excavation project deployment meeting in time,Optimized Labor Organization,Formulate the excavation plan。"Everyone rubbing his fists,All shouting to do it for a lot。"The Captain Captain Captain Chang Liang said with confidence。

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Responsibility to implement "active battle"

"214205 heads and Panzuki Lane have been connected,Is being supported。"" Reminder from the work group。"The production class is really awesome! The task of digging the 30M big break again is completed。"Xu Jiankun, deputy captain of the Mechanical and Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical Modes。After receiving the message,He quickly acts,Get the backbone of the maintenance,Mission division of labor。

Implementation of differentiated scoring management is also one of the highlights of the uniform team management,Pass monthly performance assessment,Removal distribution according to the actual performance and contribution of employees。"Serious and not serious,You can see from the score。"" Chen Tao Chen Tao said in blood。

Features of Multi M88 app-Faces for the underground,The Party Branch of the Lianqian Team actively created the "Party Member Bao Bao Liabian Area",Publishing in key areas of undergrounds。"As a party member,It is necessary to bring your hair and fever in your post。"料。

​​Winning Safety Management "Slayer War"

"The tail extension of the trap area must control the distance,Performing learning must be in place ... "At the routine meeting of the company,Dedicated suggestions,Everyone, say a word,Dedicated suggestions。

"Top plate support has always been the focus of safety management,We must not be sloppy at all。"Liu Zhanhong, the class leader of the production class, emphasized at the class before the class。Speaks in daily assessment,Lian recoil teams "look back",Continuously strengthening safety management in investigation and rectification。

"As long as you are diligent in thinking,Small power can also play a large role。"Compliance team encourages cadres and employees to" move their brains ",Solve practical problems in production through innovative thinking。To solve the problem of dust reduction and drainage of spray,Electromechanical Maintenance Class Electric Kidsman Liu Yan'an proposed that it will set up the spray in the Panzukunkou M88 appnear the Digo area,Save time and effort,Created favorable conditions for safety production。(Li Jintao)