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Hanjiawan Coal Company's comprehensive excavation team labor competition "War is Zhengxin"
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Enter the second quarter,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Company's comprehensive excavation team revolves around "Safety Production、Standards for the operation、Seeing the quality of the project "competition target,Quickly set off a new upsurge in labor competition,Strive to run out of "Acceleration"。

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Comprehensive excavation teams continue to strengthen production safety management,Eliminate risk hidden dangers,Defense、Contain all kinds of safety accidents,Make sure various tasks indicators during the labor competition are successfully completed。Class team as the unit,Carry out hidden dangers investigation and management、Anti -"three violations" m88 casino reviewand other content security competition activities,Make safety awareness into the mind,Standardized inspection through the job process,Further regulates employee operation behavior,Tighten "Safety String" for cadres and employees。

Start with strengthening the management of labor organizations,Develop a monthly production plan,Decompired the task of work to every day、Each class,To the end of the day and the moon。According to the plan、Struggle task issued an incentive policy,Safety between teams、Saiming Ruler,Comparison skills between employees、Dedication,From the end of the month、Standardization、Safety and other aspects conduct comprehensive evaluation。

"No coal out of coal,Key Mechanical and Electrical ",The team is problem -oriented,Charter of the electromechanical equipment to the person,Get regular inspection、Maintenance、Maintenance、Test。For key equipment、Weak links to strengthen preventive maintenance,Strict implementation of the maintenance process standard,Strengthening process control,Getting feedback in time after m88 casino reviewthe maintenance,Forms closed -loop management。

Focus on fine management、Specification operation、Strict acceptance of three marks,The comprehensive excavation team has worked on the roadway for molding,Do an article on the support of the anchor rod,From all aspects、Process Grabbing,Persist in dry standard living、Standard post。Modeling on the roadway,Each connected,Each anchor rod strictly controls,Increase regulatory strength,Use the project quality acceptance group、hidden danger investigation group,Implement the upper and lower linkage mechanisms,Do a good hidden danger without class,Hidden dangers are not too much。

As of now,The comprehensive excavation team completed the 400 -meter semi -coal rock lane excavation task,On -site standardization work dynamic management reaching standard。Each team learn from each other in the competition、Dredit with each other,Common progress,Created a positive and good working atmosphere,enhanced the cohesion of the district team、Enterprise and combat power。(Chen Ziliang)