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Hanjiawan Coal Company Company Comprehensive Mailing Team: Labor Competition is in full swing
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Since the laboratory competition in the second quarter "cost reduction and efficiency, achievement and achievement, and the development of new skills,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Company Organized Safety Production,Give full play to the subjective initiative of all staff,Help the company with a high -rise struggle gesture to achieve "over half、More than half of the task。

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"April,We successfully completed the established task target,Everyone is doing well,But I can't be proud of complacent,Repeated efforts ... "Gao Junwei, secretary and captain of the comprehensive mining team, said before the class。

To ensure the solid advancement of the labor competition,Comprehensive mining team combined with target requirements,Further refine the task,Compact responsibility,Enhanced confidence。Make full use of the class before and after the class、Tuesday Friday Learning Waiting Time,Call for all employees to solidify the overall situation and fight for the first awareness,Unified Thought、Inspiring Spirit、Drumming。

At the same time,In -depth excavation of M88 loginexcellent typical examples emerging in the labor competition,Promote advanced deeds and advanced figures,Stimulate cadres and employees. "、The enthusiasm and fighting spirit of fighting for first -class,Create safety quality、A strong atmosphere than production efficiency。

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Fixed indicators, strong incentives, stimulate new vitality of the competition

"Lao Liu, look, our scores have been floating 10%."

"I saw it,This is the incentive policy given us on the team。We must continue to work hard this month,Strive to complete the goal! "Before the comprehensive mining team's publicity column,Employees discussed excitedly。

Comprehensive mining team decomposed the task target layer by layer to each team,Production tasks、Safety management and standardization operations are included in the competition assessment scope,According to the "Daily Report Evaluation、Monthly commended reward and punishment "mechanism to implement",Forms "everyone picks heavy burden,Work -oriented of everyone with indicators。

In addition,To further improve the enthusiasm of employees' work,The team regularly holds the team leader symposium,Working from on -site、Process connection、Labor Organization、Discussion on the score rewards,Develop reward and punishment indicators。Deepen the M88 appteam's labor competition,Form "Safe Safe、Compared with quality、A strong atmosphere of speed。

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Safety and efficiency, help the competition to improve

The team keeps an eye on the key point of safety management,Start from the Education Education of Employees,Constantly improve employee safety awareness。Organize watching security warning education movies,Education guides employees to put safety work in the first place,From "asking me safe" to "I want to be safe",Building a threshold。

Organize a security inspection every day,Comprehensively increase hidden danger investigation and governance strength,Management around the top board、Key points for mechanical and electrical equipment,Questions to be detected,Strengthen rectification and implementation,"Review" on time,Safe and promote the safe and efficient promotion of labor competitions。

At the same time,Continue to carry out all -member innovation、Repairing Old Profit Waste and other activities,Around the difficult bottleneck around the current production process,Mobilization cadres and employees extensively participate in innovation and efficiency。As of now,Cumulative 10 items of innovation projects,Repair completed 7.5kW pump、Electromagnetic Pioneer Valve、80A switch and other equipment,Save a lot of costs。

Xiayi gradually thickened,In the comprehensive mining team,All cadres and employees are at a high sense of responsibility、The sense of mission is "More than half of the time, too half the task"" "" Follow the goal and strive for innovation. (Zhu Chao)