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Hanjiawan Coal Company: Passion in summer, wonderful "basket"
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Meng Xia season,Everything with everything。May 22nd to 27th,Hanjiawan Coal Company organized the "Charm Mine Chasing the" Ball "to surpass" the 6th employee basketball competition,8 teams from the grassroots unions from various grass -roots unions launched a fierce competition in the arena,Fully show youthful vitality and hard work,Stimulates that the majority of employees are struggling with a high pose,To complete the "half of the time in the first half of the year、More than half of the task "goals unremitting efforts。


The competition adopts a single cycle game,Sub -group knockout race、Two links in the finals,The group decided to enter the finals,Fight for the champion、Ya、third army。With the referee's whistle,Formally starting the competition,Drunk gaming、Backhand layup、steal fast break、Breakthrough shooting ... Players are passionate、Cooperative tacit understanding,A series of action flowing flowing water。Each steal、Each pitch、Each cooperation,m88 casinoAll can ignite the nervous emotions of the audience,Applause on the spot、Cheering、The shout is constant。Every game is exciting、Wonderful。


"Pay attention to No. 77,I go to the frontcourt to guard the opposite side,4 people in the backcourt station ... "In the competition with the ventilation maintenance team,Athletes of the organ team facing the score disadvantage of the first quarter 2:14,Not discouraged。Everyone adjusts the defensive strategy,Cooperate with each other,Obey the commander command,Run、Over the person、jump、Shooting ... Everyone concentrates、Go all out,Finally reversed the situation with a score of 40:25,Win the game。

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Regardless of the score gap,Each team that goes to the field,It's like a soldier who embarked on the battlefield,Even the last point、Last second,They do not abandon、Do not give up any chance to score。They insist on "Friendship First,Competition 2,Learn from each other ",Fully shows the spirit of the upstream and the spirit of never defeating,Fighting on the field,The passion and blood of youthful youth,Create a unity and hard work、Strive for a good atmosphere of the upstream。

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Small Manchu,What is gradually m88 casino reviewrising is not just temperature,There are also the vitality and enthusiasm of cheerleading players to release。Rest time before the start of each game,There are "basketball babies" of Hanjiawan for everyone to dance。Flexible figure、Flexible figure、Happy dance,Push the atmosphere of the stadium to a climax time again,Inspired athletes to fight hard、No forward。

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Fierce competition after 16 games after 5 days,The final ambulance squadron won the championship with a full win record,The team's team won the runner -up,Digging Pioneer Team and the comprehensive mining team won the third place。Qiaoyang、Li Huigang、Cui Jianbo、Zhu Chao 4 players won the honorary title of "MVP (Most Valuable Player)",Liu Bo、Sha Jun won the honorary title of "Excellent Truth"。

It is reported,To ensure the smooth progress of the game,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Trade Union Care,Invited professional basketball coaches to conduct 8 -day pre -match training for the participants,Explain the basic knowledge and skills of basketball for everyone,Standard everyone holding the ball、Passing、layup and other actions,Lead everyone to actively participate in physical training,Create favorable conditions for M88 loginthe participants' devices。(Zhang Yan)