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Shaanxi Coal Group deployed to start the "Safety Production Month" activity
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May 29th,Shaanxi Coal Group held the launch M88 appmeeting of Safety Production in June and the 2024 "Safety Production Month" event,The main task is to learn and implement General Secretary Jinping's important exposition on safety production and decision -making deployment in China,Analysis and judgment of the current safety production situation,Deploy recent safety risk prevention work,Start the Group's "Safety Production Month" activity。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company、Director、General Manager Zhao Futang attended the meeting and spoke,Assistant to the general manager Li Houzhi chaired the meeting。

The meeting conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and the spirit of the relevant safety production conference in the recent China。Hancheng Mining、Beiyuan Chemical、Shaanxi Steel Group、Shimen Electric Four units made a statement on the "Safety Production Month" activity。Group Safety Supervision Department notified the safety work in the first 5 months,A arrange for key safety work and "Safety Production Month" activity in June。


Do a good job,Zhao Futang emphasized,First, to improve the position、Recognize the situation,Effective production work safety at prominent position。Each section、All units must always keep in mind only safety,can we talk about benefits,Only achieve safety,Sustainable sustainable development,Sustainable sustainable development。It is necessary to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility of doing a good job of safety prevention、The sense of mission、urgency,Keep high vigilance at M88 appall times,Strengthening risk awareness、Feelings of worry、Extreme thinking and bottom line thinking,With the greatest determination、The strictest measures、best state、The hardest style and strongest measures,Resolutely eliminate production safety accidents。The second is to deploy secretly、All members,Strongly carry out the "Safety Production Month" activity。Depending on the deployment of the group,Combined with actual,Promote the key work of "Safety Production Month" according to local conditions。Through accurate design、fine measures、Careful landing,All participation and active initiative to promote production safety,Efforts to make "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency "becomes a safety goal、A safety concept,Become a safe culture。The main person in charge of each unit、Leaders and heads of security departments in charge of safety must be fulfilled,The influence of actual actions and driving more employees start with small things、Grab it from my side,Follow Safety、Check the hidden dangers、Prevention and control risk,Efforts to create everyone to talk about safety、Everyone grasps the good atmosphere of safety,Effectively form all -staff action、A good situation for co -defense and co -governance。Third is to check in comprehensively、Strong attack,Three -year action of deep promotion of the basic tackling。The three -year operation of the safety production and control is the focus point of the current and future period of work safety、Breakthrough,It is the primary political m88 casino reviewtask in the field of safety production management。Each unit must keep an eye on the target task,Segmentation Liability Requirements,Focus on controlling big risks、Except the hidden dangers、Prevention accident,In contrast to the criteria of major hidden dangers in the industry,Comprehensive investigation、System rectification,Strive to rectify major hidden dangers before regulatory inspections,Eliminate in the bud stage of the accident。Fourth is to learn lessons、Against three,Effectively prevent and resolve various security risks。Be sure to be highly alert to blind optimism、The risk of consciousness brought about by the primary pines; be sure to strictly control the governance risks brought by the gas limit of the gas; we must strictly prevent the management risks brought by the outsourced operation of the Foreign Committee; be alert to the natural risks caused by extreme weather,Prevent and resolve safety accidents from the source。

Subsequent,Zhao Futang announced the launch of the "Safety Production Month" event in Shaanxi Coal Group in 2024。It is reported,June this year is the 23rd "Safety Production Month" in the country,The theme is "Everyone talks about safety,Each one is emergency -unblocked life channels "。

Group Safety Supervision Department、Environmental Protection Supervision Department、Basic Construction Management Department、Propaganda Department、Human Resources Department、Trade Union、Coal Division、Chemical Industry Department、The heads of the Electric Power Division and other departments attended the M88 appmeeting at the main venue; the main leaders of all units owned by the group、Leadership of Safety In charge,Safety、Production、Technology、Fire、Emergency and other departments and relevant personnel,The captain of the professional emergency rescue team attended the meeting at each branch。(Tian Hongwei Wang Xiaofei)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website