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"Starting from this month,Jiang Xinchao increases 3,000 yuan in gold medal team leader allowance。"February 15,The person in charge of the Human Resources Department of Hanjiawan Coal Company will announce it before M88 gamethe comprehensive excavation team。The words are just falling,Cadres and staff who attended the class before class and looked at Jiang Xinchao。In recent years,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company to further improve the quality and quantity of talents,Continuous optimization talent structure,Exploring Explore、Cultivate new productive forces,Promoting enterprises to achieve high -quality development。

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The cultivation system uses "serial recruitment"

Combined with the actual situation of the talent team,Company system planning talent team construction development plan,Scientific formulation of talent team construction series management system,Exploring the "3-11 Tower" high-end talent training system that fits the high-quality development of the enterprise。The company first carried out "portrait" on high -end talents,Management、Technical and skill high -end talents define,Comprehensive collection to form a talent "portrait" competent power model。At the same time,Layonation of the Life Cycle of Life from Talent Growth、Classification、Detailed formulation of 11 professional training implementation plans,A mechanism of growth and long -term talent growth。

Training Learning "Combination Boxing"

The company through "theory+practical exercise", "online+offline", "outer training+internal quotation" and other methods,Comprehensively improve the overall quality of the talent team。In the training content,Increase all staff comprehensive literacy improvement training,Orderly promote the training of security and evidence collection。2023,A total of 1806 person -times was held in a total of m88 casinoevidence collection training,Business Training 80 Phase 3454 people。In the form of training,The theoretical promotion training combined with both line online,There are also skills practical training organized by training bases such as equipment manufacturers。In the past year,Cumulative skill practices training 20 Phase 1139 people。In terms of academic qualifications,"Introduction+Exit"、Jobs for appraisal、School -enterprise cooperation and other methods,Further improve the level of employee education,The proportion of academic qualifications above college increases from 61%to 76%。


The review is determined to open the "barriers"

​​The company can improve the review system、Development Skills Identification Question Library、Preparation of training textbooks and other methods,Establishing a professional ability evaluation system and professional technical title review specification。Strengthening occupational ability evaluation,Multiple measures to improve the professional participation and pass rate of employees,Technician and senior technicians increased from 11 people three years ago to 49 people,High -skilled talents accounted for from 14%to 34%。Standardized professional and technical title review work,Through the standard mechanism process、Multiple methods of salary incentive,Focus on improving the professional literacy of technical personnel,Company intermediate and above professional titles increased from 232 people to 284 people,increase 22%。Company open up management、Technology and skill sequence career development channel,There are 38 skill operators m88 casinoto realize technical skills dual -channel career development。


Athletic techniques starting the "Taiwan Championship"

The company carefully summarizes the participation over the years、Experience of running the competition,Established a new model of "competitive technology" talent training with professional skills competitions at all levels,Cultivated high -skilled talents with a large number of key positions。Early annual,The company's human resources department all systematically finds,Develop work plan and incentive mechanism at different stages,Ensure that the "competitive technology" work is promoted smoothly。In recent years,Select 53 skill players、21 skill coaches and 12 skill referees participate in various vocational skills competitions。At the same time,The company establishes a differentiated and long -term incentive mechanism,Inspiring all kinds of employees to grow into talents。2023,The company has a group 1、Second Prize、28 individual awards a total of 1.29 million yuan,Personal maximum rewards totaling more than 70,000 yuan。

Evaluation Inspire to create a "ecosystem"

Company strengthening skill master、Master Studio、Chief employee、Gold and Silver employees' employment assessment incentive mechanism。Two revisions and improvement "Administrative Measures for Chief Engineers Chief Technician",Incentive chief system talent to overcome difficulties、Innovation breakthrough。Gold and Silver Class Leader、District Captain、Technician through centralized training、On -site review、Appraisal period of the appointment、Allowance incentives and other methods M88 loginhave cultivated a large number of ideas、There is a way、A responsible production backbone。Give full play to the skill value -added and demonstration leading role of the skill master,Vigorously create a strong atmosphere for talents and strong enterprises。25 chief system hired by 2023、Gold and Silver employees,Get a total of 18 items of practical new patents、Leading or participating in innovation achievements 87 items,5 people positions are promoted,9 -person title or skill level promotion,13 people participated in academic qualifications,Together with 86 apprentices,A total of 24 honors such as the "National Coal Industry Skills Competition", "Shaanxi Coal Group Gold Class Leader" and "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Shaanxi Coal Group" ...