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Show the vitality of m88 casinoinnovation with a youthful attitude -the information technology operation and maintenance branch Zhang Jiazhi Zhiwei Center youth industry innovation work side
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The hot summer day is full of youthful vitality,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center's young workers,The frontier of the development and application of information technology in the anchor industry,Hire an upsurge of innovation and creation with a youthful attitude。

"Start now,Mining pressure monitoring data upload program running test ... The data upload function is normal,The program alarm is normal,Enterprise WeChat message push normal,Successfully received the police! "Dispatching table at Zhangjiazhi Zhiwei Center,Youth Yunwei Workers Xu Zhenyang and Wu Shaowei are doing the final test of multi -system monitoring procedures。The picture displayed on the large screen is a multi -system monitoring program independently developed by the Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center,This program realizes data upload、Industrial Video、Fusion communication、Industrial and other important systems for real -time monitoring,Alarm through sound and light、WeChat message push and other means to convey the system failure alarm to the staff on duty in time,The application of new technology has made new progress。

"Previous,Central dispatcher needs M88 gameto check the running status of each system regularly,Complicated operation time,There is a monitoring vacuum period,The application of multi -system monitoring procedures changed the way of duty,greatly improved the emergency response speed when the failure occurred,Really achieved the system state of the system、Number of hearts。"Facing the onlookers of other team members of the scheduling room,Xu Zhenyang explained。

In Zhangjia's Zhiwei Center,The elements of the youth group and the youth elements have been fully displayed。Center specially formed the "Youth Industry Innovation Tackling Group",Based on production practice,Pay attention to technological innovation,close the industry's forward -looking technical theory with safety production,Autonomous development and application of "Multi -System Monitoring Procedures", "Switch Automatic Inspection and Backup Procedures", "DB14 Mine Pressure Data Generation Procedures", etc.,escort for the safety of enterprises。

During the follow -up process of multiple intelligent projects contracted,The young employees of the Zhiwei Center gradually explored a set of sets of drawings and on -site,Using resource cluster and cloud disk technology to realize the innovative management measures for iteration of project data,Make sure that subtle changes in the project construction process can also be recorded in real time,and make improvement m88 casino reviewsuggestions for the construction plan from a visual perspective,​​The efficient and convenient project management model has been recognized by the miners。

At the same time,At the Symposium on the Implementation of the Intelligent Drainage Transformation Project,Youth Games Master Ma Xiangpeng compared to the optimized communication link diagram,Proudly introduced: "The industrial switch access of the terminal equipment from the 2204 sliding machine,Optical fiber laying is reduced by 1000 meters compared to the original design plan。We integrate existing physical link resources,Effectively reduced the breakpoint of the communication link,Although the difficulty of launching the cable increases,But the quality of signal transmission has been greatly improved。”

In the Sharing of Annual Youth Activities of Operation and Maintenance Branch,This center won Gu Bozhi, a young employee of the "National Coal Industry Skills Competition",I also shared the operating experience I have refined during the training process: "When training at Shennan Industry Company,I learned a new wiring process,Compared with the previous technique more quickly,The connection point is also very stable ... "

Youth is not upset Shaohua,Fen Yan Yang Yuan Voyage。Scenes of the scene innovation work,It is the epitome of the young employees of the Zhangjiazhi Zhiwei Center of the company'm88 casino reviews Zhangjiazhi Zhiwei Center。As a young owner of the enterprise,They are brave to explore、Seeking truth and pragmatic,Blooming youth in the place where the company needs most。(Wei Gao Jie Xu Zhenyang)