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Good "safety prediction" first chess
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"Today's key task is to assemble the coal mining corner arm,Please participate in the assembled workers to talk about what safety risks and hidden dangers exist in this work,How can we prevent it? "recently,At the meeting before the installation team of Hanjiawan Coal Company,Duty team dry Zhao Hailong is launching "safety prediction"。


"I am the person in charge of the job of class,Let me talk first。Install m88 casino214204 comprehensive mining working face coal mining corrugated arm,Will use a chain to hang the coal -to -arm rocker,Before hanging,Be sure to check the integrity of the crane,If there is a chain deformation、Open and other hidden dangers,Definitely unavailable ... "Su Qi, deputy captain of the installation team, seized people first,Talking about the safety risk in the hanging link,Everyone, you say a word,Actively participate in the discussion。

"Everyone is when the bracket is in place,Be sure to achieve a safe behavior ‘Five Tips’,Ensure that your labor protection supplies are worn together,Careful doing the scene ‘people、Machine、object、ring、Tube 'security confirmation ... "Liu Kefeng, a group supervisor Liu Kefeng, said carefully。

Since this year,The installation team continues to work in safety education before class,Make full use of the "Safety Expure" link in the first eight steps of the class,Let employees m88 casino reviewfully think about the safety risks and hidden dangers that will encounter in the class before taking the job,Do a good job of safety risk control and emergency prevention measures in advance,Guide employees to further keep in mind safety prevention knowledge and precautions。

"'Safety Expure",Let us new employees pay more attention to safety production,Learn to do a good job of safety precautions,Eliminate hidden dangers and dangers in the bud state。"New employee Gao Liming said。

"The first eight steps of the work method‘ safety prediction ’link,Just before the homework,Round the alarm clock for everyone,Let the employees overcome the chance of paralysis during work。"The captain of the installation team Feng Xiaocheng said。(Yang Heng)