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Hanjiawan Coal Corporation: Give up and safe to "new" force
Release time: 2024-06-04 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhou Zhufeng Lu Shaoshuai Guo Hongxin & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 747    Share to:

Recent,Jiebao from the Shaanxi Coal Industry Association,Hanjiawan Coal Company won the honorary title of "Shaanxi Province m88 casino review2022 to 2023",Company Executive Director、Manager Feng Zewei won the honorary title of "2022 ~ 2023 Shaanxi Coal Industry Excellent Mine"。

Always,Hanjiawan Coal Company firmly establishes the concept of safety development,Under the premise of ensuring safety,Focus on optimizing the mining mining design,Reinforced electromechanical equipment management,Construct a standard specification to regulate production cycle,and the development of new quality product for local conditions,Comprehensively improve the efficiency of production safety efficiency,Promoting high -quality development towards a higher level。


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Safety is caught、Out of it。Hanjiawan Coal Company strictly implemented the "three -tube and three necessary responsibilities",Execute all staff safety points account assessment、Security risk mortgage、Safety production commitment system,Promote the seamless connection of the security chain。Three -year action of deep promotion of the basic tackling,Comprehensively improve the strong willingness and ability level of discovery and problem solving,Further establish and improve the hidden dangers of accidents from fundamentally、The institutional mechanism that solves the problem fundamentally、Responsible chain and prevention and control system。


Actively promote the new model of "NOSA+AI" security control,Continue to strengthen on -site management,Strict implementation of work ticket approval and special time relegation management regulations,Strengthen special time period、Key links、Safety management of the key places,Give full play to the leadership m88 casino reviewclass、Division inspection and "Four Members and Two Longs" defense function,Fierce anti -"three violations" behavior。Solidly promoting quality strong security,Development of the show、Case Comment、Smart retail cabinet answers and other activities,Improve security soft power,Mine safety production situation continues to be smooth and good。

Make "quality" and work hard to make efficiency become a habit

Hanjiawan Coal Company Scientific Organization Safety Production,Adhere to the production layout of "one well",Continuous optimization mining design,and actively carry out labor competitions,Fully stimulates the enthusiasm of production safety at all levels。Continuous deepening standardization construction,Leading with the "1248" safety production standardization management system,Special renovation of system lane lanes、Mutual check and mutual inspection、Detaiders and other activities,Create a boutique project and demonstration area,Continue to consolidate the creation of first -class ore ore。


"No coal out of coal,Key Mechanical and Electrical ",Hanjiawan Coal Company comprehensively strengthen mechanical and electrical management,Strictly implement the "Four inspections" system,and organically combine daily maintenance and monthly maintenance,Improve the quality of equipment maintenance。In -depth promotion of equipment full life cycle management,Careful studying the operation of the equipment,Improve the equipment maintenance file,Implement the equipment maintenance list,Master the running status of the equipment,Guarantee m88 casinothe safe and smooth operation of the equipment。Tighten the cost reduction and efficiency "cattle nose",Adopt refined management cost reduction、Use the policy tool to reduce costs、Optimized production and sales cost、Deep digging internal potential efficiency and other measures,Continuously improving the company's ability to prevent risk and core competitiveness。

Walking to "New", making excellent become inevitable

New productive productivity is characterized by innovation,The key lies in quality。Hanjiawan Coal Company adheres to the method of answering scientific and technological innovation,Accelerate new equipment trains。Implementing the "unveiling the list" system of scientific research projects,Accelerate new equipment trains、liquid CO2 anti -fire、Remote automatic fire door and other "Four New" projects such as the implementation,Implement the quarter -quarter crevator project review and reward system,Cumulative more than 1,000 outstanding innovation results,generated more than 80 million yuan in innovation benefits,Get more than 130 items authorized by the national patent。


Introduction to intelligent projects and technologies should be introduced according to local conditions,Accelerate the construction of intelligent ore,Build a smart coal mining、Smart excavation、Intelligent ventilation and other 10 intelligent systems and 69 intelligent subsystems,All achieved comprehensive management and control、Data sharing、Normal application,Greatly optimized the production process and process,Reduced employee labor intensity,A significant effect of reducing people's efficiency m88 casino reviewand increased safety。The company successfully passed the acceptance of the construction of intelligent ore construction in Shaanxi Province。

Honor is both affirmative,Also spurred。Hanjiawan Coal Company will win the award as a new starting point,Repeat it、Work hard,Continuous deepening to do excellent stock,Continue to consolidate and expand and expand the results of safety and efficient ore creation results,Accelerate the creation of new kinetic energy and new advantages,Efforts to create a new situation of high -quality development。(Zhou Zhufeng Lu Shaoshuai Guo Hongxin)