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Northern Shaanxi Mining: "Ten Strikes" advocate integrity to pass Dragon Boat Festival
Release time: 2024-06-07 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Yu & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 590    Share to:

Near Dragon Boat Festival,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company Strictly implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Perseverance to cure "Four Winds","Ten Strikes" advocate frugal festivals、Civilized Festival、Integrity holiday。

Party organizations at all levels of northern Shaanxi Mining Company actively plan for deployment、Organization coordination and implementation of the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Continuous correction of "Four Winds"、Tree fresh wind,Resolutely eliminate the soil and conditions of corruption with strong measures。Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies at all levels combined with the actual situation of the unit,Constantly enrich supervision and inspection methods,Strict supervision and discipline accountability。Leading cadres at all levels start from themselves,firmly carrying political responsibility,Take the first to be strict with self -discipline、Strict responsibility、Strictly control its jurisdiction。The majority of party members in depth study M88 gameand understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's comprehensive and strict governance of the party、The important exposition of the construction of party style and clean government and the struggle for anti -corruption,Persist in taking positive winds and anti -corruption as an important starting point,In -depth promotion of the party's self -revolutionary practice。

During the period,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company issued the "Ten Strict Prohibition" discipline requirements,Guide party members and leading cadres at all times Mingji、Acting in front、Pioneer 垂 范,Drive the continuous change of the style of cadres and employees。"Ten Strikes" means,It is strictly forbidden to violate the corporate class、Duty System,Good at duty or go out before you ask for instructions、No report; it is strictly forbidden to eat and drink illegal public funds、Super standard over -range reception; drinking drinking during work,"Drunk"、"Drunk Driving" and other behaviors; it is strictly forbidden to accept、Provides banquets or travel that may affect fair execution of official duties、Fitness、Entertainment and other activities arrangements; strictly prohibit the issuance of bonuses、Subsidy or benefits; strictly prohibit borrowing of a car、Car rental,Bus privately、Private car public support; it is strictly forbidden M88 appto buy public funds、Gift to soil specialty、Shopping card、Dangzi and other festivals,illegal delivery gift delivery、Electronic red envelopes, etc.;,Take the opportunity to collect money; it is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in various forms、Luxury waste; it is strictly forbidden to organize or participate in feudal superstitions、Gambling and other activities。

At the same time,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company requires all units to the units to combine party discipline learning and education arrangements during the holidays,Do a good job of studying the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Really enters the mind、Seeing the line of effectiveness。Typical case report released by superiors,Strengthen the deterrent warning effect。Focus on infringing the vital interests of employees、Corruption and other problems around the employees,Establish a valid report channel,Disposal and precise disposal。Promote the construction of clean state -owned enterprises in combination with integrity culture,Pay attention to cultural leadership、Rich activity carrier,Conservation of hard work、Seeking truth and pragmatic、Clear and honest fresh air,Promoting the context of frugality Civilized holidays、A goodbye to the good fashion of luxury and waste。(Wang Yu)