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Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Repair Workshop: Small measures for old and waste measures, energy saving and consumption reduction as
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Longhua Coal Mine Maintenance Workshop has always taken the efficiency to increase the efficiency as the entry point,Persist in the concept of cultivation of old benefits,To maximize the cost of material collection。

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The workshop makes full use of the front class、After class,,Propaganda and guidance of team members to do it from small things around,Save every drop of water、Each screw、Each valve,Persist in establishing everyone's savings、Consciousness saved everywhere。The workshop conducts evaluation performance rewards for the team members participating in the old and wasteful teams,Improve employees saving materials、The enthusiasm and initiative of cost reduction and m88 casino reviewconsumption reduction,Strive to minimize the cost of maintenance and welding processing operations,True envoy of the sacrifice branch reduction is planted in the hearts of every employee。

Skills Training Aid Consumption

The managers of the workshop considering the normal operation of the equipment,Can't treat its internal structure、Working principles to see intuitive view,Especially for the maintenance of multi -centrifugal pump for the well -opening fire pump room,The workshop uses the maintenance water pump while,Timely organize the machine repair personnel to disassemble the pump body,Clear debris、rust,Replace the leaf wheel、partition、Bearing and other parts,Strictly assembled according to the process process。Disassemble and install through everyone through everyone,Analysis of the cause of the fault,The effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practical operations,It is also an effective learning method for the improvement of on -site skills。This move improves the skills of the maintenance personnel,Completed the cost of reducing costs and increased efficiency,m88 casinoReal achievement has been achieved in one stone。

Energy -saving and consumption reduction is effective

"Master Zhang,Good crafts,Witch to your hand is really flexible! "

"Come and help,Remove these valves,No need to change the new valve for repair,Otherwise, the more this valve is piled up。"The main time of the maintenance workshop uses the spare time,Various interception valves recovered by underground、Disassembling the gateway。The cut -off valve of the disassembly removed、Classification of the gate valve、Cleaning、Rust removal、Lubrication、Fix、paint。After a maintenance procedure,Valves of corrosive rust have become new。

The workshop combined with the actual situation of daily work,Determined valve、Pumping Repairing Old Repairing and Waste Working Thoughts,Clear work plan、Target and responsibility,Develop reward measures,Enhance the enthusiasm of employees' work。Since this year,The workshop carried out a total of 4 times to repair the old and waste waste,Repair 20 valves、2 fire water pump,Modification adjustment wind window 2 fan。(Liu Xiaoping)