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Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Company Comprehensive Express: First -line innovation knot fruit
Release time: 2024-06-11 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Du Weijia & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1940    Share to:

Since this year,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation Company Company Company Focusing on Innovation and Creative Effects,Coordinated coordination,True Grabbing,A fruitful results in the innovation of all members。


The team attaches great importance to employee education,Utilize the class and after the class and after Tuesday、Five Safety Study,Actively organize the "Innovation Classroom",Employees watch and comment on other outstanding innovation cases in the industry,m88 casinoStimulate everyone’s enthusiasm for learning,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of innovation。

The team focuses on the combination of theory and practice,Give full play to "Skills Master"、Craftsman、The help of the labor model,Practice and theoretical teaching parallel,Organize the practice of "division with apprentices" positions,Work hard to cultivate a special energy、Compound employees with multiple responsibilities,Constantly improving the quality of all staff。

To further promote innovation and creativity,The team has formed party members' innovation and assault team,Carry out the "1+2" ​​division with apprentices,Clear task,Set indicator,Review and assessment every quarter,Make sure the innovative work is carried out in an orderly manner。Regularly prepared "Innovation Sharing Book",Constant summary and share innovation results,Not only broadcasted the employee's vision,It also greatly inspired the enthusiasm of all members。

In the past three years,More M88 appthan 150 items for the team's innovation project,6 national practical patents,The transformation rate of results exceeds 90%。Each innovation result is applied to actual production,Especially "The Dust Dust Reding Device"、"Material Library Management APP Program Regular Management" and other innovative projects,Not only did you make a breakthrough in technical,More huge practical value。

Through a series of powerful measures,Comprehensive excavation team not only improves production efficiency and safety level,More condensing the wisdom and strength of all members。With the joint efforts of cadres and employees,The team will continue to maintain the momentum of innovation and development,Yong climbing a new peak,Contribute greater wisdom and strength to the company's high -quality development。(Du Weijia)