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Shaanxi Coal Group News
Release time: 2024-06-21 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhang Zongyong & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1476    Share to:

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"Shaanxi Coal Group News", June 21, 2024 Edition 4

I have been silent underground for hundreds of millions of years

I am a veritable silent person

I survived one after another

I am a witness of the vicissitudes of the sea

I am very dark, all of my body black

Before seeing the sun

I live under the surface

There are tens of meters hundred meters or even kilometers

I gathered all things in the world

There are flowers and birds and trees, there are worms and beasts

I became the incarnation of all things in the world

I have accumulated an immortal youth for justice

I am silent

does not mean that I know nothing

I witnessed all darkness

and the self -righteousness hidden to the deep

I painted dark

Does not mean that my floating clouds cover the day

I burned a strong flame

Clearing the boundaries with the same flow of the same flow

My black is the frankness of my lifetime

I use life to interpret light

Tong red all over the body

illuminated corners of the hidden dirt and dirt

I turned into ashes

Scattered in the mountains and rivers

I return to the embrace of the earth

With the completely burned white powder

(Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company Zhang Zongyong)