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Hanjiawan Coal Company: "Cloud Lecture" improves empowerment for management
Release time: 2024-06-20 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Mi Chao & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 1576    Share to:

June 20,China Coal Industry Association organized a large forum for coal enterprise management innovation,Secretary of the Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuo Ning made a lecture entitled "Construction and Implementation of the Management Standard System of Large Coal Enterprises",Hanjiawan Coal Corporation organizes the majority of cadres and employees to listen。


"Conform to the historical trend,Reinforcement management improvement,Comprehensive and systematic summary to refine its own party building、Strategy、M88 gameFinance、Safety and other advanced management experience,Drawing on international and domestic first -class management cases,Explore and build a management standard system with industry demonstration value,Help Shaanxi Coal Group to achieve power change,Leading the high -quality development of northern Shaanxi mining ... "

During the lecture,Guo Zuo Ning combined with typical cases and work practice,Related background of the construction of corporate management standard system from northern Shaanxi mining company、Standardized construction development、7 aspects of the specific practice of the enterprise management standard system,Introduction to the ideological method of the construction of a corporate management standard system in northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Practice path,and the fruitful results obtained,It provides a useful reference for the upgrade of coal enterprises。

"Listen to this lecture,Let me fully realize the importance of corporate management,I will transform the learning M88 appharvest into a solid action of doing my job well,Continuously regulates daily management、Improve efficiency and efficiency,Create favorable conditions for the smooth operation of various tasks。"Ma Xiaoning, Minister of the Enterprise Management Department of Hanjiawan Coal Company, said。

Next,Hanjiawan Coal Company will take this line of class as an opportunity,Further emancipating the mind、open thinking、Innovation measures,Actively explore the advanced experience and practice of enterprise management,Continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres、Activity and creativity,Efforts to form more modern and innovative achievements that are practical to fit the work,Open a new situation to gather wisdom and capacity for the promotion of high -quality development。(Mi Super)