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Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine: "Endeter Password" behind the honor of decryption
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May this May this,The list of 2022-2023, named and released by the Shaanxi Coal Industry Association,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine List,This is also this honor for the coal mine for four consecutive years。

Behind the honor of the honor is a powerful move。Always,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine According M88 gameto the overall deployment of the group company,aiming "target target heart",Precision Force,Security、Increase efficiency、Increase efficiency,The surging kinetic energy of accumulating stability,Walk on the road of high -quality development of mines with the pace。

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Strict management of safety management is prerequisite

Midsummer June,The east wind of the 23rd national "Safety Production Month" activity blows through the entire mine,In the Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine,Safety training education、Hidden Danger Investigation and Management、Safety Knowledge Contest and 27 events and other 27 events are in full swing。

"The colorful safety activities are our daily strengthening safety management,Help employees from ‘want me’ s safety ’to‘ I want to be safe ’.。"Liu Junsheng, the head of Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine, said,"Strict security management is the prerequisite and bottom line of the company's good work。”

For this,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Carry out "Safety Production Governance Year" as an opportunity,Amended and improved more than 20 safety management systems,Actively promote the construction of NOSA's risk management system,formed "Longhua Features 1121 Three Violation Laws",Consolidated the safety basic management。

In the on -site management,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine actively exerts the "four members and two leaders" to the prevention effect on live operators,Effectively keeping the "cutting -edge position" of safety production。Insist on special inspection、Dynamic inspections combined,Implementation of coal mines、Department、District Team、Team "Level 4 Inspection" method,Make sure hidden dangers investigation and governance does not leave dead ends。

In addition,Accelerate the pace of M88 gamescience and technology security,Build 4G network in a 100 -meter well,built "electronic fence、Electronic Sealing Strings "and other intelligent security monitoring systems,Realized security information sharing and intelligent analysis,further improved the level of safety management。


Implementing high -efficiency and stable production is the key

January this year,After holding a 2024 working meeting at Sunjiacha Longhua Mining Company,How to implement high -efficiency and stable target tasks has become a problem that Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine cadres and employees urgently need to face。

Delivery,Nine points to implement。Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Holds the Topic Meeting of the Pickings in time,Optimize "production、Equipment、Disaster Governance "three major continuity,Completed the comprehensive mining work surface installation and retracement task,202 The Daiguan area is a large -scale work surface to be put into production,Lay a solid foundation for the achievement of the mine to achieve efficient and stable production。

Reinforcement equipment management,Strengthen the coal mining machine、Tape transport aircraft、Scraper transporter、Daily maintenance of key equipment such as hydraulic stents and key parts,Eliminating the equipment "with illness" operation,Effectively reduced the impact of electromechanical equipment and auxiliary transportation on production。

Leading with mine technology innovation,Accelerate new technology、New process、New equipment promotion and application。Realize the joint trial operation of high -intelligent comprehensive mining equipment under the well,Investment and anchoring all -in -one equipment,Completed the Intelligent Command Center、5G fusion communication system and other project construction,Promoting m88 casino reviewthe steady improvement of mine efficiency and efficiency。

Based on this,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine targets "two stability, two declines and three improvements",Comprehensively implement the "775" production model in the digging line; actively carry out "guarantee safety、Increase efficiency、Promoting improvement "Sixty days of labor competition,Mobilize all officers to start a business passion,Make every effort to ensure the task of the first half of the year "double half"。


Perseverance to improve quality and efficiency is the focus

Grab details、Lower cost、Promoting operation ... It has always been,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Deep Deeping Treatment reduction potential,Cost control、Multi -dimensional starting with old -fashioned waste,Fully promotes the cost of reducing costs and increased efficiency.。

"Material expenditure expenditure from January to May this this year has decreased by 3%compared with the budget at the beginning of the year。"Zhang Cheng, the head of Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Mechanical and Electrical Division, said,"Festivals Creative Effects,The key lies in carefully calculation,Under the strict testing mechanism,Material cost management and control effect is significant。”

Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine promotes material cost quotas in various production links,The material index is decomposed and implemented to the district team、Team and individual,Excellent penalty for awards,A monthly indicator,Moon Moon Organization,Eliminate resources waste。

In addition,In daily work,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine vigorously carried out the work of repairing the old benefits,Efforts to make waste materials "re -job",Create greater economic benefits。

Enter the Sunjiacha Longhua Coal Mine Maintenance Workshop,Welding flower splash,A piece of waste M88 gamematerials or plastic surgery、or repair,The abandoned materials on the verge of eliminating "re -get the new life"。

"This is the flange plate of our independent processing welding,Make full use of waste materials,Only one item can save nearly 50,000 yuan in material costs。"The main person in the maintenance workshop Zhang Jiajie said confidently。

It is understood,Since this year,Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine passes a series of cost reduction and efficiency measures,Save more than 2.4 million yuan in purchasing costs,More than 30 items for completing the old and profitable waste projects,Running out the quality and efficiency "acceleration"。