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Longhua Technology Product Promotion Conference and dealer conference successfully concluded
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The preface of the year,Huazhangri New。June 24th to 26th,"Glory Thirty -Dream Building Centennial -Longhua Technology Product Promotion Conference and Dealer Conference" is held at Longhuifu Hotel。Longhua Group、Longhua Mining Company、The main M88 gameleaders of Longhua Technology Company and 89 dealers from all over the country、193 representatives of the logistics and production enterprises gathered together,Working together,Jobs for development。


On the morning of June 25,Longhua Technology Product Promotion Conference and dealer conference are officially held。

Will on the way,Liu Xiaoyi, chairman of Longhua Group, to welcomes a welcome speech。Longhua Technology Company,China Five Ring Engineering Co., Ltd.、Yitong Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Agricultural Assets and Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. gave the theme to share。

"Shenmu Longhua" brand and urea、Trone product release ceremony was held on time at 9:20 am。

At the end of the meeting,Longhua Technology Co., Ltd. and Sinochem -Yitong Digital Technology Co., Ltd.、Zhongnong Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.、Anhui Huilong Agricultural Money Group Co., Ltd.、Sichuan m88 casinoAgricultural Capital Equipment Co., Ltd.、Hebei Agricultural Production Data Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Beifeng Agricultural Metropolitan Co., Ltd. signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement"。


2:30 pm,Visit the guests of the conference to Longhua Technology Co., Ltd.,Take a group photo in front of the door of the technology building。

A three -day event,Not only Longhua Technology Co., Ltd.、Representatives of logistics and manufacturers look forward to the future、Platform for common talks,It is a soul communication、Opportunities for emotional resonance。(Gao Shengfei)