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Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch: Live "Tight Life" to "Good Day"
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Since this year,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch gives full play to the role of the grass -roots party branch fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members,Real tricks in the reduction of costs and efficiency、Mouxin trick、Pick the beam,Singing the protagonist in quality innovation、Leading Array、Pick the beam,Do your best to reduce costs,Deep digging internal potential increase benefits,M88 loginFully winning production and operation defense war。


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"How to realize deep dugging, reduce costs and increase efficiency?"

"Let's do it,I learned to do it。”

"Party members must take the lead to learn、Take the lead,Mobilize the enthusiasm and energy of each employee,Let all members participate in cost reduction and efficiency and efficiency work,Benefits everyone to talk about benefits、Counting benefits。”

The company's Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center party branch integrate cost reduction and efficiency work into party building activities,Motor discussions through the theme party day event。Adhere to the "should be repaired、Repair must be repaired "principle,Formulated a work plan for repairing the old and profitable waste,Clarify the types of waste components,Refined after repairing standard,Make sure that the repair of waste equipment accessories is efficiently carried out。Through centralized recycling、New and old match、Combination repair and other measures,Comprehensively improve the second utilization rate of operation and maintenance materials accessories; take the work of repairing the old and wasteful waste as an important practical link in employee skills training,Effectively improve the theoretical knowledge and actual operation level of the maintenance personnel。

As of the end of May,Zhangjiaye Zhiwei Center recycled and reused the underground communication cable 2000 meters,7 holes fiber box 2,5 explosion -proof telephone、Glat -Iron Wiring Box、Nearly 100,Save about 28,000 yuan。"We condense the wisdom and strength of all members,Starting from a young age, starting from a young age,Safety production、Cost control、Key work such as quality improvement and efficiency,Vigorously carry out technological innovation activities,Focus on cracking down the development of mining,Stimulates the enthusiasm of the vast number of young technical backbone and innovation efficiency and the consciousness m88 casinoof the owner。"Yang Haiyuan, director of Zhang Jiazheng Zhiwei Center, said。


"Good -hearted" blowing "saving wind"

"We want to start from a small place,From saving a drop of water、Save once electric、Save a piece of paper for it,Physical Division,Digging potential increase efficiency,Energy -saving and consumption reduction。"June 5,The company's Hongliu Linzhi Center Party Branch organizes party members to promote the concept of energy saving energy and consumption reduction for employees。

Hongliu Linzhiwei Center Party Branch will use daily water、Electricity、Consumption of office supplies and other daily inspection and assessment category。Daily office,Promote double -sided printing、Waste paper reuse、Office Automation、Paper -free, etc.,Try not to turn on the lighting light during the day,Turn off the computer in time after get off work、Printer、Electrical power supply such as air conditioners,Resolutely eliminate energy waste。

"Especially in operation and maintenance site management work,Comprehensively strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the ground underground equipment、Reduce equipment loss、Improve the operating cycle,To reduce cost consumption to strengthen equipment inspection measures,The maintenance of equipment is implemented to people,Only point check、Maintenance is in place,Only to extend the life of the parts,cost reduction and efficiency; improve work efficiency,Reduce spare parts、Material consumption。"Chen Fan, secretary of the party branch of the center, said。

The company conscientiously implements the deployment of the "three years" activities of Shaanxi Coal Group,High -quality completion of northern Shaanxi Mining Company and Branch 2024 business goals,Steady advancement of cost reduction and efficiency and efficiency,Unified thoughts for reducing cost reduction and efficiency,Clear thinking,Constantly improving the management system and process,Establish M88 gamea comprehensive cost management concept,Adhere to the principle of controlling all costs and fees。


"Small Class" releases "Big Benefit"

June 18,The company's information operation and maintenance management department held a coordination meeting in the first half of 2024 in the conference room of Hongliu Linzhi Center。Will on it,Information operation and maintenance management department organized participants to study the 2024 business contracting plan、notified the use of material costs in the first half of each center、The main problems existing in the first half of 2024, as well as the 2024 operation and maintenance material management work plan and measures。and the requirements for operation and maintenance materials management in the second half of the year: The concept of "service -oriented" must be adhered to,Putting the "cost reduction and efficiency" work at the first place,1 is to strengthen the entire process of plan tracking management,Stable promotion of the standardization management of operation and maintenance material warehouses; the second is to strengthen the assessment of material and clear the library,Pay close attention to the supply of operation and maintenance materials on holidays,Do a good job of management foundation for various types of materials; third is to visit Zhiwei Center from irregularities,Timely understanding the problems existing in the use of operation and maintenance materials,Effectively solve the actual needs of the Zhiwei Center,Provide timely to the center、Precision、High -efficiency material guarantee。


After the meeting,The senior business director of the Material Management Department of Hongliulin Mining Company was invited to carry out a "How to Do a Good job of on -site management of operation and maintenance materials" training and exchange activities。At the training exchange meeting,Ren Dechang, the senior business director of the Material Management Department of Hongliu Forest Mining Company, the theme of "How to Do a Good job in the management of operation and maintenance M88 gamematerials",Share his valuable experience and experience in his more than 20 years of material management,and combined with the actual work of your own,explained to the participants the procurement process and procurement principles、Establishment of various accounts、Material inventory and warehouse standardization management, how to do a good job of cost reduction and efficiency and control control,and share scientific management methods and learn from experience。

This training exchange meeting,Share through experience、Question and communication on the spot,Let the director of the Zhiwei Center and the business personnel responsible for reporting the material plan fully understand the shortcomings and shortcomings that exist in material management,To promote the company's operation and maintenance materials management and cost reduction and efficiency and increase the maximum effect。(Qiao Yan)