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Shaanxi Coal Group held a warning education meeting
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June 21,Shaanxi Coal Group organizes a warning education meeting,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the comprehensive strengthening of the party's disciplinary construction,Careful implementation of the spirit of warning education and the special party class meeting of the province and the provincial M88 appstate -owned asset system,Education guides party members and cadres to know and awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line,Always maintain a high mental state,Excellent work style,Further consolidate the political ecology of the group company。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company、Chairman Zhang Wenqi attended the meeting and talked about party discipline education.。The meeting was deputy secretary of the party committee of the group company、Director、General Manager Zhao Futang hosted。

The meeting pointed out,To deepen ideological understanding,Enhance political consciousness,Accurate understanding and deep grasp of the significant significance of strengthening the party's disciplinary construction。Deep understanding of strengthening discipline construction is the glorious tradition and unique advantage of the Communist Party of China,More consciously carrying our party's inherent valuable quality in the new era。To deeply understand and strengthen disciplinary construction is an important guarantee for the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important speech,Continue to the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping、The Party Central Committee Decision and Deployment Party,High -quality complete deepening reform、Technology Innovation、Key work such as safety production。To deeply understand and strengthen disciplinary construction is to promote the group's comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Strategies to accelerate high -quality development,Perseverance to build a bright direction with discipline、Story rules、Strong immunity、Strong immunity,To better play the role of comprehensively and strictly governing the party's political leadership and political guarantee。

Conference emphasized,Strictly adhere to discipline rules、Forever political m88 casinonature,Really internalize the discipline of compliance and regulations in the inspection and rectification、Externalization。firmly grasped the "six strict adventure": strictly observe political discipline,Conservation of loyalty soul; strictly observe organizational discipline,Frequent thoughts of the overall situation; strict adherence to integrity discipline,Adhere to the rules of integrity; strictly adhere to the discipline of the masses,Practice the sense of purpose; strictly observe the work discipline,Responsibility for the daily responsibility; strictly obey the discipline of life,Diligence is the virtue of politics。Adhere to political discipline and political rules、Organizational discipline、Implement the systemic achievement of comprehensive and strict governance of the party's practice of the eight regulations of the Central Committee、Normalization,Continuously enhanced political fixed force、Disciplinary determination、Morality、Resisting the decision。

Meeting requirements,We must adhere to comprehensive treatment、Pay attention to long -term long -term long -term treatment,Always escort the high -quality development of the group company with steel -like discipline。Adhere to the party spirit, party style and party discipline,Strict tone Righteousness and discipline anti -corruption,Strict measures to remove the disadvantages,To help the wind and clear the new fashion with a strict atmosphere,Further improve the quality and efficiency of discipline construction。Strengthen normal long -term supervision and management,Strengthen daily supervision,Highlight the focus of supervision,Adhere to early warning supervision,Further cultivate the decent good style。Fully stimulate the active responsibility as a spirit,Establish a clear employment orientation,Stimulates M88 appthe active responsibility,Implementing care and care measures,Further create an atmosphere of entrepreneurs。

Conference emphasized,The Group is at a fully promoting "dual cycle"、Sprint "Double Half Half"、Realize "Five New Breakthroughs" and "Seven Comprehensive Deepening",Strive to complete the critical period of various target tasks throughout the year,In the realization of the "14th Five -Year Plan" and "18765" struggle target、The tackling stage of promoting high -quality development,Party organizations and all party members and cadres at all levels of the group must do a good job of disciplinary construction,Strive to promote the group company's comprehensive and strict governance of the party to continuously develop in depth。At the same time, we must fully understand that the party discipline education and education of the group system is being promoted in depth、Key nodes of the first sight of results。The party committees of all units should attach great importance to,Promoting learning and education closely around co -ordination、Continue to study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and "Regulations on the Disclosure of State -owned Enterprise Management"、Organize warning education、Carefully teach the special party lesson and other aspects,Correct work responsibility,Classified conduction pressure,with greater strength、More practical moves、higher standards to comprehensively promote the strong and orderly order of party discipline learning and education、There are beginning and end,Get results。The meeting was held in the form of a video conference。

Will on the way,Learned General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on comprehensively strengthening the party's disciplinary construction,The spirit of the warning education conference of the province and the provincial state -owned assets system was m88 casinoconveyed,It notified the characteristics and warning lessons of violations of discipline and violations investigated and dealt with in recent years,Watch the warning educational film "Tie Ji Ru Mountain"。Member of the leadership team of the group company,Quarantine senior managers,Positive departments of the headquarters、​​Deputy position,belonging to the second、More than 1,800 members of the third -level unit team members and key job managers attended the meeting。(Cui Lifu Zhang Bo Lei Tianqi)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website