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Shaanxi Coal Group Shaanxi Film District Team (Safety) Construction Promotion Association successfully held at Shenmu Coal Chemical Company
Release time: 2024-06-21 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Ke Xu Xiaolin Youkang & NBSP & Nbsp Views: 1302    14918_14922

16191_16198,hosted by Shaanxi Coal Group Trade Union、The Construction Promotion Association of Northern Shaanxi Film District (Safety) Construction Promotion Association hosted by Shenmu Coal Chemical Company was held at Shenmu Coal Chemical Company。This conference aims to further explore M88 gamethe team (security) construction experience,16266_16272、A good platform that is raised together,Promoting advanced results transformation application,Clarifying the key target task of the construction reform of the team,The construction of the team helps the development and cultivate new productive forces,The small security of the team gathers into the high -quality security of the group company。


Member of the Party Group of the Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Workers、Fan Shusen, Director of the Evaluation Committee,Minister of Economics and Technology Zhang Chaowei; Zhuang Huazhang, Chairman of the Energy Chemical Geosterity Trade Union of Shaanxi Province; Member of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、16891_16895、16661_16668,Deputy General Manager Han Guanyu of the Ministry of Human Resources; Chairman of the union of the units of the northern Shaanxi area of ​​Shaanxi Coal Group、17014_17017,Business supervisor and team leader representative; 180 members of the leadership team of Shenmu Coal Chemical Company attended the meeting。Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of Shaanxi Coal Group、Director Shi Xiuyun, Director of the Female Vocational Committee chaired the meeting。

Fan Shusen requested in his speech,First, we must effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the team's construction。Deeply recognize the significance of the construction of the team (security),Effectively play the role of the team's role in improving the level of management and overall quality of employees,16869_16876、The team is safely placed in an important location for corporate m88 casino reviewreform and development。The second is to effectively enhance the value creation ability of the team at the grassroots level。Constantly improving the team management system through system construction,16964_16969、17225_17229、2516_2520、Great management of lean management,Let the group construction generate greater value,Create greater economic benefits。Third, the "team strength" that can effectively use the new quality productive forces。Improve the quality of the staff team as the main direction,17014_17020,Vigorously promote the spirit of model workers、17235_17239、17240_17244,17392_17395、Promote the "Dream Tao Spirit",Stimulate employees' innovation and creation、Catching the passion and power of the surpass。We must continue to deepen mass technological innovation activities,Efforts to make the class compose a pioneer force for cultivating new productive forces。17448_17451,Shaanxi Coal Group as the "leader" of energy chemical enterprises in our province,The future is pursuing high -quality development、In the process of creating a world -class enterprise for progress,To further play the "big role" of the "small team"。17508_17511、Each enterprise takes the successful holding of this promotion meeting as an opportunity,Further excavation of advanced management experience in various industry teams,Promoting the construction of advanced achievements in the construction of the team,Use a series of practical practices to continuously enrich the theory and practice of the construction work of various industries in our province。

Li Xiangdong M88 gamereports the quality from the overall exchange、The construction of the standardized management system of the team、Team member quality improvement project、The experience of the construction results of the team affirmed the results of each unit,and deploy the next key work。Requires the group's unions at all levels,17378_17384,17518_17522,Fully understand the importance of the construction of the team; the second is to improve the mechanism,17562_17566,The construction of the team as an important starting point for the strategy of the talent strong enterprise; the third is the strong foundation,17559_17563,Small security of the team gathered the great security of high -quality development; the fourth is to defend innovation,17654_17658,Guide and mobilize teams to give full play to the development and cultivation of new productivity; fifth is a typical lead,17729_17733,Vigorous cultivation and tree selection has the spirit of the times、Advanced typical examples of the construction direction of the leading team。

17897_17901,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenmu Coal Chemical Company、Chairman Lei Hongchun to a welcome speech。17645_17650、17711_17715、17675_17680、Beiyuan Chemical Union 4 unions around the “1444+N team management”, "All members' Double Innovation 'work" and "Four Goods' Pioneer Team" and other team (security) construction work experience to communicate。17655_17661、17631_17638、17647_17654、17710_17716、The outstanding class leader of the 5 units of Shenmu Coal Chemical Company shared the team management experience and excellent results。Yulin Chemical Company M88 gamereported the development of key projects for labor competitions。


18482_18484,Three Director of Shaanxi Institute of Industry and Industry, Bai Yang, Bai Yang, "strengthen the construction of the new era team,Help the Development and Cultivation of New Quality "was given a special lecture。18057_18063、Leaders of the Energy and Chemical Geological Union of Shaanxi Province, a group of the Energy Chemical Geological Union to Caojia Beach Mining、Xiaobaozheng Mining Investigation Industrial Workers' Team Construction Reform; Participants also observed the construction reform of the industrial team of Shenmu Coal Chemical Company and the construction of the team。(Wang Ke Xu Xiaolin Youkang)