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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a commendation meeting to celebrate the 103rd m88 casinoanniversary of the founding of the party and the "two excellents and one first" commendation meeting
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June 25,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company convened to celebrate the 103rd m88 casinoanniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "two excellents and one first" commendation meeting,Earnestly summarize the work of the company's party building and integration over the past year,Typical tree selection、Commendation advanced、Encounter motivation,Inspiring party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members, cadres, and employees to continue to promote the spirit of the great party,Continue struggle、Establish new merit,Ningxin Jun Gong promote the company's high -quality development。


Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuoning on behalf of the company's party committee,Express warm congratulations to the commendable advanced collective and advanced individuals,Fighting Fighting on the company's various fronts、The majority of party members and party workers in each position extended holiday greetings。He pointed out,Since this year,The company's party committee always adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics,Comprehensive implementation of the central government、Provincial Party Committee and Group Party Committee's decision -making deployment and work requirements,Focusing on the "improvement of the effectiveness of party building work in the work of party building",Determine "1116" work ideas,Anchor construction High -quality development first -class demonstration enterprise goals,Proto "first -class enterprise party building",Deepen the "Party Building Integration Deepening and Expansion Year" action,Comprehensively implement party building project management,Actively build M88 game"comprehensive integration、Deep integration of the party building work new pattern,Provides a strong political guarantee for the company's reform and development、Ideological guarantee and organization guarantee。Increased production in the first half of the year、Interest、Target reduction target,Launch a solid foundation for the completion of the annual production and operation goals。

Guo Zuo Ning emphasized,1 is to promote the political character of loyalty to the party,Be a pioneer in firm ideals and beliefs、Make an example。It is necessary to highlight political construction,Continuous deepening theoretical armed forces,Comprehensively promote the problem rectification。The second is to promote the mission of overcome difficulties,Be a pioneer in promoting the company's high -quality development、Make an example。It is necessary to take the new concept as a firm concept,Acting as a conscious integration of the new pattern as,Take the initiative to seize the new opportunity to take the responsibility。Third is to promote the pragmatic style of hard work,Being a pioneer in the integration of party building、Make an example。To deepen the integration of the organization、Team fusion、Innovation fusion、Management fusion、Risk control integration and cultural fusion。Fourth is to promote the moral quality of integrity and self -discipline,Be a pioneer in the implementation of strict governance of the party、Make an example。To implement the "two responsibilities",Highlighting the effectiveness of various types of supervision,Deepen the construction of discipline style。Party organizations and all party members m88 casinoand cadres at all levels of the company should be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Taking advanced models as examples,Seeking truth and pragmatic、Unity and hard work、pioneering and aggressive,For the company to build a high -quality development first -class demonstration enterprise for the company to make new skills,Welcome the 75th m88 casinoanniversary of the founding of New China with excellent results。


Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Chairman of the Trade Union Lin Baozhong presided over the meeting,and put forward requirements for the implementation of the spirit of the meeting: First, we must strengthen political consciousness,Drive the spirit of a good learning meeting; second, we must enhance pioneer consciousness,Give play to the role of demonstration; third, we must adhere to the target -oriented,Complete various work tasks。The majority of cadres and employees must actively act,Take out the pride of "and now walk from the beginning",stimulate the fighting spirit of "fighting for the first -class",The spirit of "not waiting for the whip is fierce",Drumming,Entry for Entry,Yong Dang Pioneer,Do a good job,Practical forgiveness with a decisive battle with decisive battle,Strive to write a new chapter of the company's high -quality development,Gift to the 103rd m88 casinoanniversary of the founding of the Party with excellent results。


The Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company, Liu Xingmin, read the "About the Commendation of Outstanding Communist Party Member of 2023、Decision of Outstanding Party Affairs Workers and Advanced grass -roots Party Organizations "and" Decision on Commendation m88 casinoof Outstanding Managers in 2023 "。The leaders of the participating presented awards and individuals awards,Advanced representatives exchanged speeches。







Advanced representative speech

Company Leaders,Mid -level managers,Staff of the Party and Massage Department,The main person in charge of the party and government affiliated by all units、In charge of party building staff,Advanced collective and advanced individual representatives in recognition attended the meeting。(Zheng Qinyue Ye Yang)