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Wu Jun conducts the study and supervision of the study of the central group of the northern Shaanxi Mining Company
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June 26,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held seventh special seminar for the party committee theoretical learning center group,Wu Jun, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Coal M88 appIndustry Co., Ltd.。Members of the Company Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group participated in the meeting,All departments of the organs、Some grassroots units are responsible for comrades to attend the meeting。

The meeting focused on learning the National Science and Technology Conference、National Science and Technology Reward Conference、The spirit of the Academician Conference of the two hospitals、"Regulations on the State-owned Enterprise Management Personnel" (Chapter 4-7)、The Ministry of Finance's clear requirements for the implementation of party and government organs to implement the party and government agencies in the central department and local finances。Related personnel around the "firmly establish the‘ tight life ’thought,Deepen comprehensive budget management,Strengthen cost control,Continuously improving the quality of economic operation "conducted a special discussion。Participants pay attention to the attention of leaders、Learning form、Learning content、Learning effect and other aspects,Evaluation scores on the study of the theoretical learning center group of the company's party committee。


Wu Jun fully affirmed the effectiveness of the learning in the comments,He said,The Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company attaches great importance to the study of the central group,Genzen Learning Preparation is sufficient、The theme is clear、Procedure specification、Rich in content,The prominent feature is high political standing、New learning content、Discussion and exchange depth、Achievement transformation,Is a high -quality、High -level political theory learning,Get the expected effect。

To further improve the learning quality level of the company's theoretical learning center M88 gamegroup,Wu Jun requirements: First, see the effectiveness on theoretical armed forces。Constantly strengthening the management organization management of the theoretical learning center group at all levels,Rich and innovative learning method,Grasp the supervision of learning、Check and assessment,Promote the standardization of theoretical learning、institutionalization、Normalization; the theoretical learning and the safe production of the enterprise、Business Management、Reform and innovation and other centers work closely,Quickly transform the theoretical learning results、Implementation of landing,Promote the high -quality development of the enterprise。Second, see the effectiveness in party discipline learning and education。Continue to grasp the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and the "Regulations on the Disclosure of State -owned Enterprise Management",Close the implementation of party discipline learning and education and implementation of major decision -making deployment,Tightly surrounding the "18765" development goals of Shaanxi Coal Group and the annual work goals of the company,Successful high quality completes various work goals and tasks in 2024。Third, see the effectiveness in the safe development。Carefully study and implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production,Continue to improve the safety awareness of all members,Strengthening security business skills training,Strongly carrying out three -year operation of safety production,Effectively do a good job of work safety。Fourth, see results on innovation drivers。Further enhanced the targetedness of scientific and technological innovation、Practical、Economics,Continue to promote smart m88 casino reviewore、Smart Mining Area Construction。Five is to see the effectiveness in the improvement of quality and efficiency。Promote the "large cost" management and control,Complete the "Four Business Concepts" proposed by the Group Corporation,firmly establish the idea of ​​living with "good days" with "tight days"; around compliance、Internal control、Risk Management System,Establishing and improving legal responsibilities、Transparency of power and responsibility、Coordinated operation、Effective check -in corporate governance mechanism,Prevent and resolve various risks,Constantly improving the level of compliance management。

Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuo Ning expressed his gratitude to the company's leaders on behalf of the company,and said that it will further make good use of the main position of the party committee theoretical learning center group,Promoting theoretical learning in deep learning and deeds to obtain effective results。First, focus on promoting technological innovation conversion。In -depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on scientific and technological innovation,Focus on solving the technical "card neck" problem that restricts the development of enterprises。The second is to continue to carry out party discipline learning and education。Continue to grasp the study and interpretation of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Disciplinary Disclosure of the Communist Party of China" and the "Regulations of State -owned Enterprise Management Personnel",Fully excavate the use of warning education resources to carry out warning education,Improve the internal supervision system and various rules and regulations。Third is to deepen the comprehensive budget cost reduction and efficiency。Implement the various requirements m88 casino reviewof the "business management improvement year" and the company's various requirements for cost reduction and efficiency,Strengthen the cost control of the entire process of production and operation,Comprehensively implement the company's 23 cost reduction measures,Jiu Jiu for the "combination boxing" for a long time to reduce costs and increase efficiency and increase efficiency。Fourth is to fully complete the annual goals。Implement the key work arrangements set by the company,step by step、Really work on the ground to stand the results of the practical test,High -quality completion of various tasks of this year。(Zheng Qinyue)