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M88 appWei Gaojie —— "Walking Good Long March"
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Open historically simple book roll,There is such a poem jumping in front of the "Six Pan Mountain on the peak,Red Flag Man Roll West Wind。Today Changya is in hand,When to bind Canglong "; there are such a group of people passing through the mountains,Shocking the world。They have experienced hardships、No fear,Heart Belief、Salvation map deposit,Miracle with the footsteps。

Years、History Evergreen。I recommend you a good book "March of March"。When you read this Long March Memorial Memorial by General Yang Chengwu,You can realize the turbulent waves of the Jinsha River at that time,Shooting the trembling shoulders of the soldiers; when you open this book full of historical heavy memoirs,You can feel it in the siege,How long is the gunfire of the gunfire rain; the nine deaths of the bloody war in Xiangxi、The peak circuit of the Zunyi Conference、The strange soldiers of Sudu Chishui come out、Flying to win the Luding Bridge is desperate,Several reverse flow blocks、Several degrees of horizontal blowing backwind,Long March like a red ribbon lingering between mountains and rivers,I wrote an immortal legend of the Chinese nation。

Someone said,Long March is an escape,They are right。But the real great thing,Never "from victory to M88 gamevictory",That can only be called powerful; real great,must be from weak to mature,From loneliness to glory。Time to counterattack,Time to charge the array,Before the successor、Born to death,This is where the Long March is really moving。The firm belief of the revolutionary ideal is higher than heaven,That kind of not afraid of sacrifice、Exclude a strong will to win all difficulties,It has also become an important psychiatric point for realizing the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at the moment。

Today,Continue to deepen the "Three Years" activity in the province,Promoting the moment of promoting the high -quality development of Shaanxi,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch according to the development goals of Shaanxi Coal Group "18765",From the work deployment of "five new breakthroughs" and "seven comprehensive deepenings",Deepen the expansion of the "two business and one new" development strategy,Breakthrough with the rich and developing new quality productivity in the coal mining industry,Around the efficiency of business、Safety base、Management improvement、Four key points of party building souls,Walked towards the Long March Road belonging to the operator、Development Road,In the splendid coal information technology field of Xinghan,Ersenation,Pioneering Innovation。

As the Shaanxi Coal People in the New Era,We are taking the road of the "operation and maintenance person" Long March。Jingxiang Yutong、Pile Machine Rondon,First -class equipment technology、Exquisite self -control system,At each point、Youth blood is burning in every second; fireworks in the mining area、Mine lights in the formation,Driver of scientific and technological innovation、Construction of Intelligent Mine,Ukin beating in a thin hot chest;、The hissing of the train,Management of excellence、The spirit of self -improvement,The faith is shining in Gu Pan Shen's eyes。

If Shaanxi Coal is compared to a book,Open the four seasons of its change and development,It's like opening a promotional book "Going to the New Long March"。It has a strong pace of the corporate leapfrog development in the past ten years,It is engraved with the concentration and meticulousness of the provincial large state -owned enterprises actively assumed social responsibility; it splashes the ink splashing world of magnificent blueprints,It is also amazing in the exquisite details.。The future of Shaanxi Coal,It will also be contributed by generations of Shaanxi coal people,Draw carefully in the tough and excellent pen and ink,Slowly open。

Recalling Long March,The years of flames have long been far; watching today,The Long March Spirit of the New Era is always m88 casino reviewlight。Long March's book scroll is clearly visible in the historical context,Long March spirit is infiltrated with heart field in the long river of time,In the call of the new era,Long March spirit flows in the hearts of each Shaanxi coal employee,Inheritance in the development of Shaanxi Coal,It is bound to write a more brilliant chapter in the picture of the new era。(Wei Gaojie)