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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a report meeting for safety production preparations for the second half of 2024 and the next three years
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June 28,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company held a report meeting for safety production preparations for the second half of 2024 and the next three years,For the current safety of the current mine、Production、Management and other issues fully discuss,Plan the continuous development plan for the next three years。Vice General Manager of the Company Niu Huming、Lei Junhua,The person in charge of the relevant department of the agency、The chief engineers and relevant personnel of each mine attended the meeting。

Will on the way,Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company and Hanjiawan Coal Company reported on the safety production situation in the first half of this year and the next three years.,Organizations and departments combined with their own business,VII deployment、Cost control、Special Management、Disaster treatment、Equipment Management、M88 gameIntelligent construction、Optimization of the production system、Coal quality management、Scientific research project management and other aspects conducted in -depth discussions and analysis,Make comments and suggestions on improving various tasks and measures。At the same time,Further clarified the focus of work in the second half of the year,A sound system for production safety,It laid the foundation for the complete annual production safety work goals。

Meeting requirements,Each mine must consider the continuation layout of multi -coal seam mining,Continuation of the production of mine,Carry out a good mine disaster governance,Key to conduct a comprehensive system investigation of weak links。Sun Jiazhan Longhua Mining Company overwhelmed the concentrated coal pillar in the empty -empty area for the 302 trading area,Take practical and effective method,Make sure the working surface is safely recovered in the safe recovery of the coal pillar concentrated pressure section。Hanjiawan Coal Company to speed up the shallow buried house pillar pick -up area of ​​the short -distance coal seam safety mining scheme and disaster treatment technology,Fully consider covering 2-2Coal pillar、The effects of pyramids M88 gameand other factors on the continuation of production,Make sure to continue science、Reasonable、Feasible。

Conference emphasized,Each mine should effectively increase the investigation of hidden disaster factors,Ahead of sorting out the key list of disaster governance,Highlighting major disaster advance governance。Grasp the prevention and control of dust、Prevention and fire extinguishing work,Timely eliminate hidden dangers of accidents,Eliminate various accidents。Continue to promote M88 gameIntelligent construction、Equipment continuation management、Promotion of scientific research projects、Standardized mine creation、Disaster advanced management and other work,Do a good job of work safety。Persist in closely combining the normative mining continuity with the treatment of mine disasters,Strengthen risk research and judgment,Formulate targeted measures,Eliminate hidden safety hazards from the source,Adhere to high standards、Real measures、Strict requirements to grasp the production organization,Ensure that the production of mine production is continuously connected。(Hui Shuanglin Wang Yu)