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Members of the leaders of northern Shaanxi Mining Industry went deep into the party building contact point to talk about M88 appparty discipline education and education special party lessons
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According to the requirements of party discipline study and education work of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group,According to the party discipline study and education arrangement of the party committee of northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Come on for days,Members of the company's leadership team deepen the party building contact point to teach party discipline learning and education special party lessons。


June 27,Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuoning teach M88 appparty discipline education and education in Hanjiawan Coal Company's comprehensive mining team,and go deep into the front line to investigate safety production work,Requires party discipline learning, education, enhanced discipline consciousness、Encouragement responsibility is combined,Gathering the heart to grasp safety production、Treatment of cost reduction and efficiency and other key tasks,The strict tone of the tone、Strict style transforms into strong specifications、Strict supervision work measures,Promote the high -quality development of the mine。


June 25,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Chairman of the Trade Union Lin Baozhong taught the party's disciplinary study and education special party lesson at the administrative office,and discuss and exchange with party members,Emphasize firmly grasping the "learning discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Defense "target requirements,Alert to keep the soil、Stopping the soil is responsible、Responsibility for the responsibility of defending the soil,Focusing on improving the organization,Forging m88 casinostrong organ party organization。


June 26,Liu Xingmin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company, went to Sunjiazhan Longhua Coal Mine Wind Party Branch to teach party discipline learning and education.,Carry out related surveys,Emphasize the need to do a good job of work with high -quality service employees,Don’t forget safety for production,Service Security,The results of party discipline learning and education are transformed into the effectiveness of promoting high -quality development。


June 25,Deputy General Manager of the Company Shi Yamin went to the Party Branch of Shennan Mining Company to teach M88 appparty discipline education and education special party lessons,Emphasize the effect of practical responsibility and mission,Strengthen and improve work style,According to the annual key work list,Tompass the realization of the development of the resource,Provide strong support for the high -quality development of the enterprise。


June 26,Vice General Manager of the Company Niu Huming In -depth Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch、Hanjiawan Zhiwei Center joint party branch to teach M88 appparty discipline education and education special party lessons,Emphasize that it is necessary to strive to be an independent student "leader"、Mingji "Sober" in my heart、Mingji "Sober" in my heart、Strict "Clean People",Practice party discipline learning and education and solve practical problems、Promoting the combination of core business development,High -quality development with steel -like discipline and smart operation and maintenance work。


June 25,The company's chief accountant's banknote school to Jiaheng Construction Company party branch teaching M88 appparty discipline education special party lesson,Emphasize strengthening party discipline study and education,Forging "Excessive Spell",Improve learning ability、Execution、Use force、​​Conversion force,Always be loyal and clean,Live up to the organization and employees and the masses。


June 28,The company's deputy general manager Lei Junhua went deep into the Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Comprehensive Mailing Team to teach party discipline and education special party lessons,and deepen 30208 comprehensive mining work surface to carry out safety inspections,Detailed understanding of the hidden disaster factors of the mine、Water damage prevention、One pass three defense、Top board management and other work,Requires the "big security" concept,Implement safety responsibility,Strengthen safety education training, supervision and inspection,​​Guaranteed ore production safety continues to be stable。

Members of the company's leadership team play a demonstration leading role,Combined with party discipline learning and educational understanding and actual work,Focus on solving some party members and cadres to be attentive to party rules and party discipline、Don’t understand、Not mastering outstanding questions,On the scene with grassroots party members and cadres, I learned about the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"、Experience、Substitute,Education guidance company's majority of party members and cadres、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Effectively understand what the discipline is,Do you understand what can be done、What can't I do,Always engraved with the rules and regulations M88 gamein the heart,Internalized to daily and unknown words and deeds,Constantly strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity,Continuously enhanced political determination、Disciplinary Determination、Moral fixation and rotten force,Always be loyal and clean,Further condenses the spirit of entrepreneurship and new forces for the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship。(m88 casinoComprehensive Report)