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Guo Zuo Ning went to Hanjiawan Coal Company for inspection and guidance
Release time: 2024-06-29 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Guo Hongxin & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1794    Share to:

June 27,Secretary of the Party Committee of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Chairman、General Manager Guo Zuo Ning and his party came to Hanjiawan Coal Company,Check the work safety work,In -depth party building contact points talk about party discipline education special party lessons,and the study of the party committee's theoretical learning center group。


Place and other places at 223103 working surface in Hanjiawan Coal Company Well 223103,Guo Zuo Ning learned in detail the recent safety production situation of the mine。His request,Resolutely put security on the first place of various tasks,Never paralyzed thoughts and fluke psychology,To further solid the concept of security,Strengthen on -site management,Implementing operating regulations,Standardize job operation,Resolutely eliminate various types of safety accidents。Focus on the grassroots at the grassroots level of safety management,Promote the construction of the safety team to the core of the company's safety work,Three -year operation with the safety production of the safety production、Together,"Small team、Big Safety "is the starting point of work,Integration "Objective、System、Standard、m88 casino reviewBehavior、Quality、Culture "Multi -element,Create "one team, one characteristic、Safety management mode of a group of groups and one brand,strongly consolidated the foundation of security,Keep m88 casinohigh -quality development at a high level of security。


After ascending the well,Guo Zuo Ning came to the party branch of Hanjiawan Coal Company Company Company,Title of "Provide a Strong Disciplinary Guarantee for the Strict Consumption of Disciplinary Awareness to Construction of a First -class Disciplinary Enterprise for Construction",For the majority of party members and activists who joined the party, a vivid party class of party discipline education and education。


Guo Zuo Ning clarified why he learned from the "serious discipline"、How to learn,Determine what can I do in "Comprehensive Knowing"、What can't I do,What is the target in the "Disciplinary"、What is the standard,What kind of cadre is clear in the "Du Xing Ji"、What kind of examples are four aspects of the example,Share the gains and experience of their own party discipline learning and education。He asks everyone to study discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Establish higher standards in the Ji Ji、Strict requirements,Effectively transforming learning results into performance responsibilities、Actual action of overcoming difficulties,Make new and greater contributions to the construction of m88 casinohigh -quality development of high -quality development for northern Shaanxi mining companies。


Subsequent,Guo Zuo Ning listened to the study of the theoretical learning center group of the party committee of Hanjiawan Coal Company,He believes that this study is fully prepared、Strict organization、The theme is clear,Tightly linked to the hot spots、Rich in content、Actual actual,Give play to the above rate of party committees。Combined with actual work,His request,First, do it to do fine party discipline learning and education。Continue to do a good job of studying research、Warning education、Interpretation of training and other work,and improve the internal supervision system and various rules and regulations。The second is to do practical safety management。Both systematic problems,It is necessary to prevent zero crushing problems,Comprehensively improve the accuracy of safety management。Third is to do a practical reduction and efficiency increase。Continuously enhance cost consciousness,Strengthen the entire process of production and operation cost control,Jiu Jiu for the "combination boxing"。Fourth is to do practical risk control。To accelerate compliance、Internal control、Construction of Ratings System,Form comprehensive、All members、Full process、The risk prevention and control mechanism of all systems。Five is to do a detailed and well -party M88 appintegration。Continue to carry out various work "party building integration and deepening expansion years",Resolutely implement the comprehensive leadership of the party into the entire process and aspects of the company's production and operation。(Guo Hongxin)