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"Her heart" and "realistic", the staff representatives inspect this doing this
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"I hope the district team can take the offer procedures for selling on the online approval process,Reduce complex procedures,Convenient for employees ... "" I hope that some of our mines' ambulance teams can also be included in the scope of the company's chief system ... "" I hope to strengthen the dormitory network signal ... "This is the employee representative of northern Shaanxi mining company. Organized employee representative inspection symposium on the seminars。


In order to give full play to the positive role of employee representatives in corporate democratic management and safety supervision,Effectively implementing the legitimate rights and interests of employees,A few days ago,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company's trade union organizes employee representatives to conduct inspection activities in the grassroots units。

​​Before the event,The company's union formulated m88 casinoa detailed inspection plan,and the representative of the two levels of employees、Safety Supervision Department、Related personnel of the Human Resources Department and the grassroots security officer formed a inspection team。


During the inspection,"Listen、Talk、Visit、Look at、Checking "method combined,Multi -angle、Multiple positions on the development of safety production monthly activities、Labor safety and hygiene、Labor Return、Protection of special rights and interests of female employees、Call for the proposal of employee representatives、The corruption problem around the masses and the daily management and operating conditions of the "two halls, one house, one supermarket" facilities that are closely related to the daily life of the employees。

At the same time,Talk to face to face with front -line employees,Carefully listened to the front -line employees in production safety、Labor Protection、Business Management、Opinions and suggestions on the welfare of employee life。


The next step of the company's union will carefully sort and summarize the problems found during the inspection,Formulate a problem rectification list,Clear rectification M88 loginmeasures and time limit,Urges responsible units to complete the rectification work strictly in accordance with the requirements,Make sure that various problems have been rectified、There is a closed loop,Fully consolidate inspection results。

In recent years,Northern Shaanxi Mining Company through the staff congress,Plant publicity and other traditional forms encourage employees to participate in corporate decisions、Management and Supervision,Tour through employee representatives、Employee representative inquiry meeting、Hearing、Electronic questionnaire survey and other methods,Performance of the right to know the employees、Supervision rights and expression rights,Continue to promote the "most concerned、Most direct、The actual problem of the most realistic ",Effectively enhance the happiness and sense of employees。In the first half of this year,The company's trade unions at all levels have accumulated 25 pieces of employees' urgency and worries.,53 "ten practical things" in service employees,Implementing "Ten must congratulations" and "ten must visit" 110 people,Properly solved the "difficult point" problem that employees' attention is concerned,m88 casino reviewActively contribute to the high -quality development of northern Shaanxi mining industry。(Liang Xiaohu Du Xueli)