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"Two excellents and one first" style exhibition
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16325_16330,The Party Committee of Hanjiawan Coal Company under the strong leadership of the party committee of northern Shaanxi Mining Company,Taking the theme education as an opportunity,Taking "Three Years" and "Three Flows" activities as the starting point,Perseverance with Hengqiang Base,Go all out to get quality,Two -way empowerment promotion fusion,Leading enterprises to achieve high -quality development with high -quality party building,Mainly do the following aspects。

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The company's party committee strictly implements the "first issue" system,Hold 28 party committees,Research m88 casino reviewdiscussion of 23 items of "three major" matters,Give full play to the role of the party committee to lead the role。Singleization Promoting the 51 key tasks of the "Three Years" activity is completed on schedule,Complete the group company's party committee inspection and feedback 34 issues to rectify as scheduled。Innovative implementation theme education "23423" work method,Investigation and research solve problems 32 items,View 58 pieces of rectification issues。High -quality hosted in -depth integration of party building and production and operation in northern Shaanxi,"11138" fusion brand conducts experience promotion at the annual meeting of the China Coal Political Research Conference,The in -depth integration of party building achieves new results。

Fighting the foundation of the party building and stimulating "combat power"

The company's party committee grasps the standardization and standardization of the party branch,Improve the 14th party branch characteristic brand,Realize the standardization of party branches, comprehensive and strong。Strengthen the construction of talent team,Carry out 2 batches of 22 professional and technical personnel rotation exchanges,Holding 9th phase of the comprehensive quality improvement training course for leading cadres。Practical activities such as normalization of party members commitment promises,Give full play to the role of party members' demonstrations。

Strengthen ideological education, condense "Essence God"

17330_17336,Carry out 21 times for learning by the theoretical center of the party committee,Secretary of the Party Committee take the lead in carrying out a special preaching 2 times。Implementation of the "451" management system,More than 3,000 articles in the whole year。Civilized creation work,Provincial civilized M88 gameunit network evaluation scores to maintain the first place in the provincial enterprise,Create the initial test through the national civilized unit。

​​Pay attention to the construction of clean government, weaving "protective network"

Supervision and inspection,3 parts of the Supervisory Suggestions of the Supervision、Use the "Four Forms" reminders 7 people,3 copies of the notice of supervision and supervision of the offer。Strongly carry out the governance of micro -power corruption,17700_17707、official reception and other tasks have been carried out 4 times of supervision and inspection。The company won the title of "Comprehensive Demonstration Point of the Correspondence Culture Construction of Shaanxi Coal Group"。

Gathering the workers' joint efforts to sing "Concerto"

Serving employees with love,Make full use of employee representatives inquiries, etc.,Call for solution to solution and suggestion 35。The first employee fun sports meeting was held,Implementing the "Ten List",18020_18027,Cumulative consolation of more than 5,000 employees。Implementing the maintenance of the mining road for maintenance、Smart Health House Construction 10 major people's livelihood projects。Hold the online youth learning 18 issue,Organized "Learning Lei Feng" activity、Youth League Construction Activities, etc.,Give full play to the role of young members of the league members。Completed more than 1.4 million yuan for consumption assistance in the whole year,Help the village's revitalization and flourish。

Although the company's party building work has achieved some achievements in the past year,But there is still a gap from the expectations of the party committee of the mining company,The main manifestations are: facing party building tasks heavy、18595_18598、m88 casinoNew situation with strict requirements,The quality of party building work efficiency needs to be improved。18631_18633,We will focus on the following aspects:

18753_18755Focus on improving political standing,Give play to the leading role of party building。Normalization of the management of the party committee,solidly promotes party discipline study and education to go deep and practical。Normalization to do a good job of inspections and inspections rectification and selling number。Action arrangement of "Deepening and Expansion of Party Building Construction",Continue to consolidate and improve the standardization and standardization of party branches。Strict execution of selection and employment procedures,Created the team that has created a hard work department。

19044_19046Focus on strengthening the righteousness of the wind,Build a disciplinary style guarantee。Promoting the improvement of the "Great Supervision" working mechanism,Combining party discipline learning and education with the unrequited wind around the staff and the problem of corruption issues,Taking the rectification of disciplinary inspection cadre education as an opportunity,"Four Winds" tree fresh wind,Deepen the construction of clean and honest state -owned enterprises,Create the atmosphere of entrepreneurial at the entrepreneurial atmosphere。

19323_19325For the push for quality promotion,Strengthening mainstream ideological public opinion。Adhere to normalization of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Create soul with the party's innovation theory。Tree's work orientation of "Breakthrough with Quality",Improve the quality and efficiency of news promotion。Deepen the creation of civilized units,Promote the landing of corporate m88 casino reviewculture,Fight for the national civilization unit。

19605_19607Focus on stimulating the vitality of the group,Condensing the strongest force for development。Normal development of employee representatives、Grasp the "Double Ten Service" list to land,Deepen the construction of the "double first -class" team,Vigorously implement the Communist Youth League "Green Horse Project",Normalization of the "Handsheld Team" activity,Give full play to the Duan Qingli Army、19425_19430。

Struggle to take the courage as,Struggle to take the courage as。Hanjiawan Coal Company Party Committee will use this commendation meeting as a new starting point,Earnestly implement the various decision -making deployments of the party committee of northern Shaanxi Mining Company,19553_19559、19609_19614、19603_19608,Continue to do the work of party building、19966_19968、19969_19971,Has made a greater contribution to Hanjiawan's high -quality development in northern Shaanxi。