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"Two excellents and one first" style exhibition
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The Party Branch of the Sun Jiacha Longhua Coal Mine Selection Team was established in June 2012,21 existing party members,There are 9 teams under the district team where you are located,At least one party member in each class,Realized the full M88 logincoverage of party members of the team。He has won a number of honorary titles such as the "Demonstration Site of the Party Branch Standardization and Standardization" and "One -axis and Five -Driven" demonstration sites such as the "Standardization and Standardization of the Party Branch".。

2023,Branch focuses on "grasping theory、Strong team、Creative brand、Promoting Development "goal task,In -depth promotion of the party building work of the branch and the deep integration of district team safety production,Get a certain amount of results。

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Strictly implement the "First Issue" system,Make full use of "three meetings and one lesson"、Theme party day and other activities,All party members of the Organization Branch follow up in a timely manner to study important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series、The 20th spirit of the party,Combination through centralized science and individual self -study、Discussion and exchange and writing experiences combined,Constantly improve theoretical level。

Since the development of party discipline learning and education,The branch formulated a learning plan for the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Established "Party Branch Secretary Leading、Rebirth of all party members、Personal comparison of party members、Special Party Lesson Promotional Learning,Effectively put the "learning" kung fu。

Relying on Nailing "Party Member Learning Group",Push party discipline learning education electronic learning resources every week,Require all party members of the branch to complete a self -study notes or experience per week,and organized the knowledge test of party discipline learning and M88 gameeducation should be tested,Effectively promoted party disciplinary study and education at the grassroots level.。

Strengthen the construction of the team, effectively give play to the role of the pioneer of party members

First, a party member is designated in each team to supervise and check the hidden dangers of the operation environment and equipment and facilities,It can be eliminated and eliminated in time,Timely reports that cannot be eliminated;、illegal acts in the existence of labor discipline and stopped it in time。Established a list of liability,Further refine the responsibility of party members,Safety production of party members、Coal quality management、Standardized work、Completion of urgent and dangerous tasks, etc.,The implementation of each party member at the end of the month is included in the performance assessment。

Second, the branch uses the "party members and apprentices" activities as an important carrier for talent training,Biography of "One Gang and One"、Help、Belt form,Vigorously carry out job training、Technical competition and other activities,Quickly improve the professional skills of young employees and new employees。At the same time,The work mode of "job rotation" was implemented,Select a part of the employees from the production class to the post of the maintenance class to learn the work principle、Maintenance and other knowledge,Practical improvement skills,Realization of the class has a maintenance worker。

Third, the innovation and creative efficiency of party members dominated by party members,Research safety、Production、Mechanical and Electrical、Environmental Protection、Quick replacement roller。Solved the bangle M88 loginmachine jump chain、Quick replacement roller、The raw coal tape header feeder、Muchs and other problems such as grooves are easy to block。

Fourth, the monthly selection activities of outstanding party members,Set "No accident around the party member、No violations、No hidden dangers "," party members should be benchmark "and other selection conditions,The role of party members' demonstration leaders gradually make "I want to be safe" and "I want to start a business" to become the consensus and conscious action of employees。

Create a special brand,Promote the deep integration of party building work and production and operation

The Party Branch actively builds a bridge between party members and employees,Created the "Party Member Division" party building brand,Hall Director、Deputy Director is the Secretary of the Party Branch、branch members as the branch,Members are composed of all party members of the branch。Relying on "Three Meetings and One Lesson"、Council in front of the class、Class after class,Cultivation around talent、Equipment research、Small Reform Small Leather、Caring for employees and other hot issues,Through discussion、Discussion and other methods,Listen from bottom to top to listen to and solicit employees' opinions and suggestions。Reasonable Opinions Suggestions Collect and summarize it after the branch,Through "sorting and classification、Duowei communication、Tracking and Implementation "Trinity Organization Mechanism,Study to study and solve various problems reflected by employees。2023,15 rational recommendations made by employees,Complete two items of technological innovation,5 items of small reform and small m88 casinoleather,Create 1.25 million yuan in economic benefits。

Next step,The party branch of the selection team will further emancipate the mind、Innovative work,Continuously deepen the standardization and standardization of party branches,Continuous enrichment of the "Party Members" party building brand connotation,Effectively play the role of the party branch fighting fortress and the pioneer of party members,The "red engine" working on party building is empowerment of the company's safety production and production safety。