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Hanjiawan Coal Company held the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and the "two excellents and one first" commendation meeting
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June 29,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation organized a meeting to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "Two Excellent One Pioneer" commendation conference,Seriously summarize the work of the company's party building and integration over the past year,Commendation advanced、Typical tree selection、Encounter motivation,Inspired the majority of party members, cadres, and employees for aggressive、Tingdi responsibility、Struggle,Strive to write a new chapter of high -quality development。

The conference kicked off in the solemn national anthem。under the bright red party,All party members raise their right fist,Revisiting the party's oath。






Three advanced grass -roots party organizations that emerged in 2023 at the meeting、6 outstanding party workers、21 outstanding Communists and 10 outstanding management cadres in recognition。Encourage them to cherish honor、Be humble and cautious、M88 appQuit arrogance and irritability,With a more firm political responsibility、More grand officer passion、More powerful existing role is put on the new journey。At the same time, call on all party members and cadres and employees to take the advanced model as a role model,Courage to take responsibility、Actively as,With a more ups and downs of fighting spirit、More powerful action、More solid style,Strive to create a new situation of high -quality development。

The meeting pointed out,Since this year,The company's party committee fully implements the decision -making deployment and work requirements of the superior party committee,Adhere to the same direction of party building work with the work center of the production and operation center、Deployment synchronization、Working the same force,Build a "comprehensive fusion、Deep integration "new party building work,It provides a strong political guarantee for the steady development of global work、Ideological guarantee and organization guarantee。Safety production situation in the first half of the year continues to be smooth and good,It has achieved more than half of the time、More than half of the "double half" target。

Conference emphasized,All party branches and the majority of party M88 appmembers and cadres must be unswervingly strong beliefs,Always be loyal to the party、The Great Word of Heart。Effectively improve political standing; strengthen theoretical armed forces; promote the rectification of problems。It is necessary to act hard,Always be aggressive、Dare to do good。Improve the level of new quality productive forces; create a essential safe mine;。We must go all out to promote integration,Always achieve accurate effort、Seek results。Deepen Organization Fusion、Team fusion and cultural fusion。To promote the new wind of the right tree,Always be honest and self -discipline、Forever True Color。Strictly implement the "two responsibilities"; further promote party discipline learning and education; strengthen the construction of disciplinary style。

Meeting requirements,1 is to strengthen political consciousness,convey the spirit of a good meeting; the second is to promote advanced models,Give play to the leading role of demonstration; the third is to persist in really doing it,Complete various work tasks,Struggle to write a new chapter in the high -quality development of Hanjiawan Coal Company,Gift to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the New China with excellent results。

The meeting ended M88 appin the majestic "International Song"。(Yang Boyu)