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"Two excellents and one first" style exhibition
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"For a party member who once made a solemn commitment under the bright red party,No more glorious title M88 gamethan the honorary title of "Outstanding Communist Party Member"。"Yang Haiyuan is the Deputy Director of Zhang Jiazhi Zhiwei Center, the information technology operation and maintenance branch。He always consciously refine it,Keep in mind the mission,pioneering and aggressive,Performing duties and duties,Write the hard work on the operation and maintenance front。


Facing the personal mission given by the current enterprise,Always,Yang Haiyuan carefully study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Actively participate in various actions of the prescribed by the party committee and the company's general branch party discipline and education,Consolidate the foundation of your own thoughts and beliefs。Persist in acting with examples,Strengthen ideological and political construction。Adhere to the party's leadership,Strong Party Member Belief,Model Performing Party Member Obligations,Can be combined with work actual,Use the party's new theory、New Thought Armed mind、Guidance practice,The advanced nature of a Communist Party member is better. The second is to adhere to the combination of learning,Improve comprehensive business quality。Through the party's general branch of the branch、Political theory organized by the central branch、"Three Meetings and One Lesson"、Exchange Research, etc.,Thinking in depth,Apply a good way and method to daily work,Continuous improvement of work ability。

At work,As the person in charge M88 gameof the Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center,Yang Haiyuan took the lead in improving m88 casinothe 21 items of the central safety management system,Establish 11 items of "one job, one list",15 items of the safety production responsibility system for all members; 9 items such as "Responsibilities of Industrial Video Monitoring System Positions" and "Responsibilities of Information Network Jobs",Guide all members operate according to chapters、Standardized homework; establish a hidden danger governance ledger、Improve the central security risk recognition list,Realize the closed -loop management of hidden dangers; take the "100 -day safety" opportunity,Discussion through safety production、Cases of accident cases, etc.,Improve employee safety awareness。

Yang Haiyuan leads the establishment of the "Daily List、Summary、Quarterly Assessment Daily Management Mode,Standardize operation and maintenance 7 category 142 specific business,Perform standardized management; optimize and upgrade the information system,In the "Wu'an and Three Withdrawal" of the working face of the service mine,Cooperate with 25 moves and pour face,85 new and replaced cameras,Expansion Video Cloud Storage,Effectively ensure the needs of the mineral party; the "fast response" service team of the party member of the center,Services guarantee more than 30 times of various large video conferences in the mine、More than 10 times of various large competitions,Affiliate by the miner。

Yang Haiyuan insisted on keeping positive innovation,Improve the quality of intelligent operation and maintenance services,Upload work for the data M88 gameof the superior regulatory platform,Lead the party members' creation effects team,Development of multi -system monitoring procedures,access province、City、Platform data of the joint -stock company,Real -time monitoring and upload status and push terminal alarm information in time,Effective improvement of fault emergency response capabilities。Cooperation with the smart office to promote the construction of smart coal mines in service mines,Protect the upgrade and reconstruction of the security system of the mineral square park,Created the unique monitoring device of the wellkin mouth,Completion of the full upgrade and reconstruction of the enterprise network,Comprehensive optimization of the function of the UPS backup power system,strongly demonstrated the service consciousness of party members and cadres of the Zhiwei Center of the operation and maintenance branch、Style image。

"Future,I will treat the job as a vast stage for exerting ambitions and talents,Working the specific work of the day after day、Dry the highlight。Consciously establish ‘I am a party member,Show me to me '' ‘I am a party member,The leading consciousness of me with me,The banner is clearly talking about principles、Tree Zhengqi、Tree Zhengqi,Iron -like determination、Discipline and system to establish the image of party members and cadres to take the lead。”

"Facing the work of urgency and danger,I will charge first、Demonstration in front,Drives the majority of employees in the role of pioneer model、Struggle for Endeter,Enhance the intelligent operation M88 gameof the Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center with practical actions,Strive to show new actions in the new journey of the high -quality development of the operation and maintenance branch 'two business and one new'、Make new contributions! "Standing on the podium of the" Two Two Excellers and One "commendation meeting in northern Shaanxi Mining in 2024,Yang Haiyuan's solemn commitment。