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Hanjiawan Coal Company organized the dual scene simulation exercise of dual scenario of disaster accidents in the flood season
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"Immediately start the rainy season 'three defense' special emergency rescue plans,Members of the Command Center rush to the dispatch center immediately ... "

To effectively improve flood prevention emergency capabilities,Effectively dealt with extreme weather and emergencies,A few days ago,Hanjiawan Coal Corporation organized the dual scene simulation exercise of dual scenario of disaster accidents during the flood season,140 people participated in this exercise。


Exercise simulation is affected by thunderstorms.,3594 Shi Han line lines lost pressure to cause large -scale power outages; Jingkou Square accumulates a large amount of water,endangering the safety of all the operators under the well。

"Dingling Bell ..." At 14:57,The ringtone of the phone ringing with the rapid telephone of the scheduling center sounds,Disciples officially start。The dispatching center receives the disaster warning,Report to the leaders on duty immediately,and issue an alert through emergency broadcast,Notify the evacuation of the personnel of the underground。M88 loginDuty leaders immediately report to the manager,After the manager understands the situation, issue an emergency rescue plan instruction。

15:10,Medical Rescue Group、Medical Rescue Group、Material Supply Group、Safety Supervision Group and other members of the emergency drill team quickly brought the instrument to gather in front of the well in the well mouth,Equipment standby。

"The supplier of the material supply group arranges the car to send the operator to the work surface;,Use natural ventilation to supply under the well; the person in charge of the Mechanical and Electrical Materials Management Center and the Mechanical and Electrical Operation Team contact the superior power supply company,Timely check the cause,Repair line,Restore power supply ... "The command orders are issued quickly and orderly,Rescue and disaster relief operations are fully expanded。

"Report,All the personnel of the underground have evacuated,No person to be injured! "

"Set the water blocking wall immediately at the well entrance,Prevent a large amount of water from pouring into the well,The stasis and debris in the flood canal are severely stacked,Clean up as soon as possible ... "

Rain is getting bigger and bigger,Wells are more and more water,The rescue staff wields the iron,Strive to eradicate the accumulated mud and debris m88 casino reviewaccumulated in the flood drooling canal;,Quickly piled up a solid water -block defense line at the well mouth。

"Report,Two pumps have been added to Jingkou,Drainage canal has been dredged! Effective exclusion of water accumulation,Well mouth water blocking wall has been set up! The height of the water blocking wall is 1.4m,There is no phenomenon of overwhelming in the well mouth ... "A strong report,Show the time and efficiency of the company's emergency response。So far,Dual scenario drills in the flood season disaster accident will be successfully concluded。

"Everyone at this exercise is performed、Cooperative tacit understanding,Fully show the actual combat state,excellent emergency response level and rapid response ability ... "Summary and analysis meeting,The group reported the work development situation,The chief commander made a detailed review,Give full affirmation of the highlights of the exercise,and the problems and shortcomings of some links,Put forward rectification opinions and suggestions。

Emergency drill during the flood season disaster accident,Effectively testing the scientific and practicality of the "Three Defense" emergency rescue plans for the rainy season,Exercise the emergency response and coordination and coordination ability of various functional m88 casinodepartments to deal with emergencies,Further enhanced the awareness of the risk prevention of cadres and employees,True everyone talks about safety、 All can emergency,Guaranteed mine safety production。(Zhang Bo)