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Longhua Technology Co., Ltd. launch a liquid ammonia leak emergency drill
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Longhua Technology Company closely combined with the "Safety Production Month" activity,"Everyone talks about safety、All of them will be emergency -unblocked life channels "as the theme,For project construction progress,Carefully planned and carried out emergency drills for ammonia leak accidents。


In the simulation scene,Leakage of the synthetic device liquid ammonia storage tank at 16 o'clock,The central control room M88 appquickly captured the alert from a toxic gas detector in the liquid ammonia tank area。On -site personnel start the emergency response procedure immediately,Examination found that there is a large amount of leak at the bottom of the liquid ammonia A can,An insulation worker unfortunately poisoned。Urgent situation,On -site operators quickly and orderly evacuate to a safe area,And reported to the class leader as soon as possible。

After receiving the report,When the squad leader quickly reports to the director of the workshop and the dispatch command center,The director of the workshop decisively ordered the launch of the "Synthetic Workshop Ammonia Tank area leakage site disposal scheme"。Subsequent,Workshop Emergency Rescue Team quickly assembled,rushed to the scene to start emergency rescue。Under the collaboration and scientific disposal of the rescue group,The leakage of liquid ammonia is effectively controlled,Poisons have also been treated in a timely manner and resumed m88 casinosoberness。The entire exercise process is tight and orderly,Fully demonstrated the efficiency and professionalism of the company's emergency rescue team。

This emergency drill,Not only enhances all employees' understanding and response ability of liquid ammonia leakage accidents,It also further enhances the company's ability to cooperate with the company's "consumer enterprise"。Longhua Technology Company will take this exercise as an opportunity,Seriously summarize the exercise experience,Continuously improve the emergency plan and disposal plan,Ensure that safe production work continues to advance steadily,Laying a solid foundation for the security development of the enterprise。(Wang Jianlong)