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Information Technology Operations and Maintenance Branch held a "Safety Case Let me talk" speech contest
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Recently,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch held the theme of "Safety Case Let me talk" speech contest。Branch leaders、The person in charge of various departments of the organs、The person in charge of the grassroots unit and related personnel observed the competition。

During the game,Contestants close the theme,Use vivid language,Passing the concept of safety。Focus on the actual operation and maintenance actual,Interpretation of security red line consciousness,bottom line thinking,Infected with the audience,I won a while of warm applause。


After fierce competition,Hongliu Lin Zhiwei Center Hao Zhongjie won the first prize; Liu Le、Zhang Jiazhi Zhiwei Center Cui Tianxin、Auxiliary transportation team Yang Ke won the second prize; Leng Bar Tazhi Center Li Heng、Li Yongyong, Hongliu Linzhi Center、The auxiliary transportation team Liu Shi won the third prize;、Hanjiawan Zhiwei Center Zhang Heng、Zhang Jiazheng Zhiwei Center Di Qiqi won the Excellent Award。

Last,Deputy Chief Engineer of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company、Party Secretary of the Party Branch、Manager M88 appXue Zhongxin commented on the event,Do a good job of safety,I made three opinions:

M88 appThe current situation of the safety production of coal mines is still severe and complicated,Many security accidents in the country sounded the safety alarm clock again。All cadres and employees of the company must firmly establish the "people first、Life Supreme "Safety Development Concept,Strengthening and improving political standing,The ideological consciousness and action consciousness of the hidden dangers of the accident fundamentally,Strongly carry out special rectification operations for production safety,Further improve the company's safety production -related system,strengthening system、Regulations、The implementation of measures,Perfect problems from the closed -loop mechanism from discovery to solution,Make sure efficient disposal、Precision control、Full solve the hidden dangers of the accident,Advance the institutionalization of safety production governance system、Modernization、Long -term effect,Effectively resolve risks when germination、Before the disaster。

Second is to strengthen safety training and education.Pay close attention to the safety control of the operation site,Strictly implement the relevant requirements of the "three tubes and three must",Persist in twisting illegal M88 loginacts、One grasp to the end,Create the atmosphere of all members' anti -violations,Fully guarantee safety production throughout the live work。There are more young employees in the branch,Safety production power is weak,All employees should participate in work safety,It is particularly important to build a safe production defense line,Young people should go first、Dry in front,More based on position、Active responsibility,Fighting for safety production、Practitioner。

Third is to strengthen the focus of security precautions.The Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party is about to be held。Each center should deeply understand the special sensitivity and extremely important importance of recent safety production work,Comprehensive planning current work safety,Regulations standards、Regulations and measures、Emergency Plan,Re -investigating the hidden dangers involved in the center of this center、Re -rectification,Make sure key work、Special operations safe production。Safety production has nothing trivial,Each center must always tighten the string of safe production,Continuously strengthening risk awareness,Implement the responsibility for safety production,Hurry up and grasp the daily safety management work。From time to time, there must be "Can't do everything,m88 casino reviewIt may lose all the risk awareness,We must closely focus on the "three violations" around the operation site、Standardized operation and maintenance、Equipment safety management and control,Give full play to the role of grass -roots center management and control。(Wang Dong Zhang Hengfeng Feng Feng)