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"Three Coherence" set off a new upsurge of labor competition
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"I have penetrated the alleyway,So fast! "recently,Along with a roar,223103 Glipper Terminal Half Coal Rock Alley to realize reverse excavation,This is already the third time that Hanjiawan Coal Company has entered the third time since June,It has also set off a new upsurge in labor competition。

After the recruitment team enables the new journey of "dual -line excavation",Three penetration of the Panzu area、Auxiliary transportation and return wind alleys intersect。"Facing the big semi -coal rock project,The cadres and employees of the team are enthusiastic and high。"Captain Chang Liangliang said。

Due to the construction of a semi -coal -rock lane lane,Coal rock dividing lines are prone to film help,The anchor must be followed in time。Lianjian team set up a gang anchor team,Press the actual workload。"Two -line excavation,Which link is not in place is a problem。"Qiao Quanpeng, deputy captain of production, said seriously。

"You must protect the cable before you penetrate ...",Propaganda risk,Formulate control measures。"Dig in the section more,There are also many support parameters,Must be online and offline at the same time。"technician Liu Yang said。

"20 seconds,Demonstration qualified! "With a duty staff order,Employees immediately start the self -rescue device blind wear exercise,Standard drills have won applause。"During the monthly production month,The team insists that one person will be spot -checked before each class,We all feel the pressure,Enhanced the identical。”


The colorful activities are also a highlight of the safety management of the team。Safety Knowledge Fighting Tournament,The technician team and the three team teams are competing in the same scene。"The college students in the team are very powerful,The strength of the struggle is worthy of praise。"Fan Gang sighing。

There are problems with superiors for inspection,Lian recoil teams organize the work of "looking back" in a timely manner,Continuously strengthening safety management in investigation and rectification。"There are more various equipment now in work noodles,The focus should m88 casino reviewcarry out security protection for the rotating site。"Xu Jiankun, deputy captain of the Mechanical and Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical Electricity, emphasized at the meeting before the class。

To solve the problem of "one drill and one video" lighting problem,The main leader of the maintenance class Hao Yancheng combined with the actual,Innovative completion of "Reconstruction Device of a Robs Power Box",The fourth -level project rated by the company as the "All -member Innovation" 4th project。"Now lighting can be bright,We have even more powerful drilling rods! "Wang Bin said happily。

223103 working surface surface coal and auxiliary transportation system exist "cross cross",Moder Welders Xi Qiang's decisive shot,Measurement through on -site、Design and processing,Completed two driving bridge installation。"Experts take a shot,I know if there is any,It is worthy of everyone's recognized 'seats'! "

In addition,Responsibility for the work of compact management personnel,Open the district team management "blocking point",Lian recoil team strictly conducts assessment,Duo Duo Tuo、Less and less earned,Publicly "appearance",Created a good atmosphere of "everyone is responsible"。(Li Jintao)