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Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company's zero -emission project produced product salt
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"Come out,It's out,Product salt is finally out! "He Jiqiang, the operator of the zero emissions project, said with the white product salt excitedly。Successful output of product salt,It marks the company's zero emissions project trial operation once successful。

It is reported,This project uses thermal salt salt nitronic production process,officially launched on June 20, 2023。


Project M88 gameconstruction has been investigated by the project、Project design、Design review、procedures for procedures、Civil Construction Construction、Equipment purchase、Equipment installation、Single -machine debug、Joint debugging and other stages,Construction content includes pre -processing unit、Membrane concentrated unit and evaporative crystal unit,Finally, the thick salt water evaporates and crystals, respectively, and the crystals into industrial sodium chloride、Industrial sodium sulfate and miscellaneous salt,Product salt produced in the first -level quality of industrial。May 31 this year project complete China Communication,June 3 zero emissions system Press the water entry switch,Strong salt water enters the pre -processing workshop through the pipeline,Started to debug in thick salt water into water,After 26 days of operation,Finally produced product salt。


"Zero emissions project is a key environmental m88 casino reviewprotection project planned during the company's" 14th Five -Year Plan "period,It is also the last piece of puzzle for the treatment and comprehensive utilization of the company's ore and industrial wastewater treatment and comprehensive use,The successful project debugging also means that the company has completely realized zero discharge of wastewater。"The person in charge of the project introduced。

Successful debugging of the zero emission system,It laid a solid foundation for the company's truly 100%comprehensive utilization of water resources,It also paved the road for the debugging operation of the company's coal grades, cleaning and efficient comprehensive utilization project。(Hu Zhiping Ma Rui Army)