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Information Technology operation and maintenance branch Zhang Jiazhi Zhiwei Center carried out special fire emergency drills
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In order to further strengthen employees' fire safety awareness,Improve all staff fire emergency response capabilities,Recent,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch Zhangjiayu Zhiwei Center joint service unit assisted transportation work zone organized actual combat fire safety emergency drills,All employees of the center participated in this exercise。

Activity scene,Deputy Director of Zhang Jiazhi Zhiwei M88 appCenter based on "Lifting、Pack、sight、Pressure "four -character tactics,Detailed elaboration of the main use of the fire extinguisher for employees,also emphasized the key precautions of the fire scene first aid and escape,Ensure that employees can quickly quickly、Effective response。

Fire drills to continue to assist the transportation factory area in the area of ​​auxiliary transportation factory in the preset scene,According to fire emergency management regulations,Established an emergency command,Emergency rescue team、Comprehensive guarantee group、communication liaison group,Comprehensively launched a comprehensive report from the fire to the early fire、Organization coordination、Emergency response、Department linkage、Personnel evacuation and other actual combat exercises。

Discipline scene,Duty personnel found that after the "fire" of the factory area,Quickly organize personnel to respond on -site,Report relevant m88 casino reviewleaders。Duty leaders take the lead in arriving at the scene,Immediately after reporting the fire, start the fire emergency plan,Three emergency groups have their own responsibilities,Tight cooperation,High -efficiency execution plan; participants quickly position the fire source、Organization fire extinguishing、Guide to evacuate,and submit the necessary information in time。Under the tacit collaboration of the overall team,The fire was quickly curbed and eventually extinguished,The entire process fully demonstrates the excellent emergency response ability and team collaboration of employees。

Through this fire emergency drill,Test the fire safety training results of the center,Lowed a solid foundation for improving the emergency protection ability of all staff。(Zhang Bo)