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Hanjiawan Coal Company: Promote "Small Porch",Highlight "Big Energy"
Release time: 2024-07-04 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Guo Hongxin & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1210    Share to:

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"Don't worry about,What do you want to write first,This is the focus of publicity we developed early every month,Everyone must read research carefully,You can find the topic that suits you ... "

Recently,Hanjiawan Coal Company held the second phase of news publicity correspondent training class,Following the acquisition of the cracking correspondent、Writing、Cut and other problems,Teaching news writing and short video production methods and techniques to correspondent,Focus on cultivating news promotion "hexagonal soldiers",Let everyone use the pen tip and lens to tell the mining story、Tree good corporate image。

Between it,Yang Nan, the Party Committee Work Department, has recently participated in the harvesting insights of the Shaanxi Coal Group's news promotion training course,From fully understanding the needs of the manuscript、At present, the correspondence of the correspondent's manuscript、Interview and writing skills:,I shared m88 casino reviewwith you a wonderful plan for improving the "hit rate" of the news release.。Language is vivid,娓,Clear perspective,娓,full attraction。On -site correspondent listened carefully、Thinking deep,Get is quite abundant。Especially she carefully selected the recent edited problem manuscript and picture,Analyze and explain one by one,Let everyone see both problems,Also clear the improvement direction and method measures。


Then,Yang Boyu, the Party Committee Work Department shared the experience and experience of shooting and editing videos,How to apply the template,Including how to choose the background music correctly,How to easily control the transfer、Garway、beauty and other functions ... He opened the editing software on the spot,Full process shows the editing process of short video,and introduced the menu function of the editing software in detail,Inspiration everyone must establish boutique consciousness,Pay attention to planning、Unification of shooting and editing,Cute every detail,Strive to make the production of both move yourself,Tingling the reader's explosion video。Share more dry goods,Very practical,Accurately match everyone's needs,Let everyone feel deeply。

m88 casino review"Today's training class solved a lot of my confusion,Two teachers are very accurate、The cause is very transparent、Method skills are operable。I believe in learning、Conversion and promotion,I can definitely create high -quality news works。"Installation Correspondent Cai Lu said humorously,It just ended before it feels enough,Classrooms should participate more。

Not only does the speaker gain harvest,The shareder also "leaves the incense"。Introduction to Yang Nan,Only one year of journalism and propaganda work for myself,"skill" is not deep enough,Thank you company for providing such a "podium",Share without reservation,Not only does it express my understanding of news publicity work,To the correspondent to inspire,Also tested and consolidated what I know ourselves,It has strengthened the determination and confidence of doing a good job of publicity and publicity。

"Pickling the question" link,Around "Deep in Jingxiang,Youth Shining "," All -member innovation becomes "True Gold and Silver", "The post -95" After the 95th "Punish" "",All party branches claim in turn,and will be completed at the specified time limit,Through actual combat inspection training effect,Improve the level m88 casino reviewof correspondent business。(Guo Hongxin)