Party building
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To strengthen the concept of party members and party members,16105_16122,Enhance the sense of honor and belonging of party members of the branch,"July 1" M88 loginon the occasion of the party's festival,16170_16193,16194_16217。


16476_16496,Recall the journey of joining the party and the scene of the party。Share through communication,16503_16519、Politician resolute maintenance、Organization consciously obey、Follow the action tightly,Further stimulate the enthusiasm of the officer to start a business。Party members stand in front of the party flag to revisit the party's oath,Deeply feel the original intention of joining the party,Recalling the party process。16595_16612Political birthday"Card and" Party M88 gameMember Learning Education "book card。16759_16779,It means that you will not forget your original intention in the future work、Study forward。16773_16793。

16885_16903,16880_16895、Collective honor and sense of mission,Realized a party member's birthday、Objectives for educating all party members。Guide party members to further temper party spirit,Study the original mission, 16955_16970。(Li Wen)