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Write in ecological livable and Meilong
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Surrounded by mountains,Veritage of vegetation,Shanqingshui show,Pleasant climate,Beautiful ecological environment,Beautiful Han dual -level tourist highway pass through the village,This is the designated Dragon Village of Northern Shaanxi Mining Company。Leisure time in the village,m88 casinoStroll in Mo Mo in the villages and alleys,Green Mountain Green Water Rural,Like a colorful brocade blanket,Injects vitality and vitality into the Mimi Village。Lotus ponds next to Han Shuang Highway,Lotus Leaf Tiantian、Fish and shrimp surge; the blue mountains on both sides of the strait,Flower Fushuo、Vegetable Vegetable Water Spirit; Paddy Fields near the farmhouse,Green rice fields、Industry of Rural Travel Fusion,Show a scene of "poetic pastoral"。


This year,Specific to help Longyu Village practice the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains",In -depth learning and application of "Ten Million Project" experience,"Plastic Soul Casting Soul around the beautiful villages、Strong tendon and strong bone ",Solidly promote the improvement of rural human settlement environment,Focus on the village "sweep clean、Sticky Silver、Reform toilet、Sticky Silver、Greening、Remnant、Remnant、Reform habit "remediation content,Improve the development of rural industry、Village Construction、The level of rural governance,Let the masses see new changes、Get real benefits。

"The accumulated paper shell is stacked、Yi La can、Plastic bottles can sell money,Health evaluation also has confidence,Health evaluation also has confidence。Now the village environment is getting better and better,Everyone has developed a good habit of caring for the environment and talking about hygiene,Every family looks clean、neat,We live more and more comfortable,Outside tourists coming and praised,Bad guys are happy。"" Mention the village appearance today,The speech of Zou Xianju, a villager in Longxun Village, is full of pride。

Since the launch of the "Ten Million Project",Fixed -point help Longyu M88 loginVillage to use the opportunity to create a county -level 10 million project demonstration village,Focus on the beauty of the village、Industry Fast、Environment pretty,Pay attention to the weak link of the rural living environment,Actively innovate the concept of rural construction concept and working method,Promote the breadth and depth of the rectification of rural living environment.,Create demonstration model for the construction of livable, livable, and beautiful villages。

Early morning,The Village Working Team、Liancun Station、The team composed of party members and cadres mobilizes the masses from house to the house to do a good job of environmental sanitation。"Aunt Liu,Can you move a place with a hidden point for your pile of wood,I will move you in,This is not beautiful to rest in front of the door,Tourists are not good to see it,Do you say yes? "" Okay,Let me give it to Teng,If you please move you。”

Multi -strength people,A few minutes of time,The wood originally stacked at the door was soon moved to the backyard,The mound at the door of Aunt Liu's house is also cleaned up。months in a row,Party members and cadres take the lead in demonstration,At the same time, actively mobilize the consciousness and creativity of villagers to participate in rural construction,Let the villagers do it with it,Forming Liancun Station、Village "two committees" cadres、Stading Village player、Party member、The good situation of the villagers in unison,Comfortable and beautiful、New style of neat and orderly village environment is initially appeared。As of June 25,Longxun Village Clean up 5 places、"Three Packs and Six Rebellion" more than 50 places,More than 100 meters of sewage treatment,Add more than 300 square meters,formed a bit of exquisite、Wonderful online、m88 casinoThe exquisite rural style on the face。

Longxun Village as the "entrance" attraction of the Scenic Spot along the Han dual -level tourist highway in Shuanghekou Town,Longxun Village Cherry Base Agricultural Tourism Integration Industry is Shaanxi Coal Group Shaanxi Mining、Sushan -Shaanxi Cooperation and local governments co -aid。The base has been implemented since September 2021,Turnover 200 acres of land to plant 7 excellent varieties of cherry trees,Building tourism facilities based on the cherry industrial park,The courtyard economy of the five major characteristics of the five characteristics of the Han Shuang 2nd Tourism Highway where the base is located。Local people circulate through land、Park migrant workers、Sales of agricultural and sideline products,Taste the "sweetness" for the agricultural travel industry to get rich。

Agricultural Travel Integration Development,It is the top priority to accelerate the promotion of industrial rejuvenation.,It is also the key to promoting the development of regional economic development。200 acres of cherry industrial park built by Shaanxi Coal Group Shaanxi Mining Assisted Aid,This year has achieved more than 800 catties of first fruit。Attract local surrounding people、All groups receive a total of 17 batches,Visit and communicate with Cherry Industrial Park,and experience the picking fun of the park。

Sheng Liangchao, Secretary of the Party Branch of Longxun Village, said: "The strong support of the assistance unit and the town party committee、The government's active promotion,A cultural highlight "Ecological Livability and Beauty Village" we created at the entrance of the Cherry Industrial Park,and built a public toilet in the park,Together and other resources in the lotus ponds to create a net red punch place,m88 casino reviewWhile realizing the integration of agricultural and tourism,Effectively drives the villagers to increase the income in the nearest employment。”

Next,Longyu Village will seize the strategy of comprehensively promoting the strategy of rural revitalization,Relying on the unique agricultural and tourism resources advantages,Help the development of high -quality scientific development of industries、Organic combination of livable and livable and beautiful rural construction and the development of the tourism industry,Step on the drum point of rural revitalization,towards the beauty of the industry、Ecological Beauty、Life Beauty、The path of income beauty strives for,Writing a new chapter of rural revitalization。(Zhang Huigang)