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Zhu Yadong —— "New Articles of Smart Coal Mine"
Release time: 2024-07-04 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Zhu Yadong & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1024    Share to:

M88 loginHidden in deep ground,

Coal sleeps, quiet and silent.

Intelligent waves are constantly rolling,

Breaking the silence and ushered in a new chapter.

Today, the light of intelligence,

Has illuminated this black treasure.

The torrent of the data is endless,

Intelligent spring breeze brushes every inch of land.

Personal positioning becomes a lighthouse in the coal sea,

Guide people's direction.

Emergency broadcast spreads every corner,

Calling miners to stay away from the mud of the disaster.

Monitoring probe is like eagle eyes,

Subsidity changes are also difficult to escape,

Remote control is also like an arm,

Writing a new chapter of intelligentization.

Mining of the mine's innovative,

The concept of green development has taken root.

Deep in the mine, dream is flying,

m88 casino reviewThe coal industry ushered in the dawn of intelligence.

Writing a brilliant chapter in technology,

Make wisdom ores bloom forever.

sweat and wisdom blend here,

Smart operation and maintenance will lead the new chapter!

(Zhu Yadong, an information technology operation and maintenance branch)