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Cao Zhe —— "The Language of July"
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July, the sun is like a fire, and the party flag hunt.100 years ago,A group of youths with ideals and faith,In the turbulent era,Gathering on the red ship of Nanhu,ignited the fire of hope,announced the birth of the Communist Party of China。From that moment,The Chinese Revolution's ship opened a magnificent voyage。Establishing a party festival,I will revisit the history of the stream of people's hearts,Feel the original intention and mission of the unpreparedness。

Belief,is a lighthouse m88 casinothat will never go out of the heart of party members。Under the party's banner,We firmly belief,No matter what kind of wind and rain and rain in the face,No matter what kind of difficult and danger is encountered,Du Yong moved forward,Use action to interpret the vows of loyalty to the party。Construction Party Festival,Not only the commemoration of the past,It is a firm commitment to the future。

Struggle,is the most beautiful posture shown by party members。In their respective positions,Let's sweat,Contribution wisdom,Practicing the party's purpose with actual actions,Unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。Construction Party Festival,Let us look at our footprints again,firm our pace for our movement。

The era gives us a heavy responsibility,As a party member,We must be brave to take responsibility,Dare to innovate,Continuously promoting society to develop forward。On the journey M88 appof the new era,We will be in a more high attitude,Welcome every challenge,Show the style of party members。

Future,We are full of confidence and expectation。Under the strong leadership of the party,Our country will be more prosperous,The people will be happier and healthy。I want to say to the party: Please rest assured,Strong country me。Let us go together,On the Long March Road in the new era,Writing a new chapter of glory together;Let us take a more firm step,More full enthusiasm,True struggle for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

July Praise,Dedicated to the great party,Dedicated to each Communist Party member who is struggling to work unremittingly。Let us wish together,The party's cause is always young,The tomorrow of the motherland is more splendid and brilliant。(Cao Zhe)