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Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee Shan Shuping and his party went to Shaanxi Coal Group to investigate
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On the morning of July 3,Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee Shan Shuping,Liu Xiangrong, Secretary -General of the Provincial Political and Research Association、Deputy Secretary -General Feng Xingwei and his party went to Shaanxi Coal Group to investigate and discuss。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Chairman Zhang Wenqi met with the research team and expressed welcome。Member of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Coal Group、Deputy General Manager Wang Lili participated in the survey,Hu Ming, director of the Propaganda Division of the Provincial SASAC、Gao Yuxiang, a third -level investigator of the Propaganda Department, accompanies the research。

Wang Lili builds an organizational structure、Optimization Topic Research、Achievement transformation and application introduces the development of ideological and political work in Shaanxi Coal Group,Focus on the work path and method of layer -class classification and judgment M88 loginof the group's ideological and political work。At the same time,Expansion of the political and research platform、The degree of fit with what you need、The linkage with the Industry Association and the complexity of public opinion management put forward the current difficulty of thinking and politics。She said,Many industrial distribution points of Shaanxi Coal Group、Line length、Face Wide,Diversity of formats,140,000 employees,Doing ideological and political work is not only a political task,It is the actual needs of the group's production and operation development。The Group will use the live thinking platform,Refine summary experience and practices and work results in practice,Leading the high -quality development of the group with high level of ideological and political work。

Shan Shuping gave suggestions on the difficulties in the development and political work of Shaanxi Coal Group,and conducted a survey on the dynamic situation of employees' ideological dynamics on the Shaanxi Coal Group。He pointed out,High political standing in Shaanxi Coal Group、Strong work systematic、Question Grasp、Employee's spiritual style is good,Thought and political work and publicity work solid and powerful,Getting M88 logingood results。To continue to adhere to the problem -oriented,Improve the targeted and effectiveness of work,In strengthening the marketization consciousness of employees、Practical method of concern to the growth of young employees、Real results,Realize the results of the achievements from Zhi to Xingxing。Facing the complexity of ideological and political work,To accurately apply through layered classification,Multi -dimensional angle to strengthen the ideological guidance of employees,Forms a Shaanxi Coal Group in practice、can be promoted、You can learn from、Actable ideological and political work experience,Working with ideological and political work service center work quality increase efficiency。

At the symposium,Participants watched the promotional video of Shaanxi Coal Group,and exchanged exchanges and discussions on the high -quality development of enterprises on ideological and political work; the research team also visited the Shaanxi Coal Sisi High Management Council。

Relevant departments of Shaanxi Coal Group participated in the survey。(Lei Tianqi)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website