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m88 casinoShaanxi Coal Group held a three -year action promotion meeting for safety production and the standard of governance in July and the second half of the year
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July 4,m88 casinoShaanxi Coal Group held a three -year action promotion meeting for safety production and the standard of governance in July and the second half of the year,In -depth implementation of General Secretary Jinping's important exposition on safety production and the spirit of the recent central provincial safety production conference,Implementing the spirit of the Group's third quarter safety and environmental office meeting,Analysis and judgment of the safety situation,Refined work measures,Arrange work safety in July and the second half of the year,solidly promote the three -year operation of safety production and the custody。Du Ping, deputy general manager of the group company, attended the meeting and spoke,Assistant to the general manager of the group company Li Houzhi chaired the meeting。

The meeting pointed out,Since this year,The Group's main line is close to the first three -year operation of the safety production.,Treatment of hidden dangers、Strong consciousness,Treatment of hidden dangers、Treatment of hidden dangers,I did a lot of fruitful work,Realized the continuous stability of the production safety situation。The meeting M88 loginanalyzed the problems in safe production and the task faced,Requirement to recognize the situation、Raise understanding,Always tighten the string of safe production。

Meeting requirements,Pay close attention to the target、Actively actively,Three -year action of promoting the culinary tackling three years。All units must focus on the overall target of three years of action,According to the requirements of the three -year action plan of the Central Province and the Group and this year's key work,Tightly twist the stage task and time node,From people、Machine、ring、Tube (Human Unsafe Behavior、Unsafe state of objects、Unsafe factors in the environment、Management vulnerabilities and defects) Four aspects:,The system improves the ability of safety production。At the same time,To highlight the key points、Comprehensive and detailed investigation,Through fundamental rectification,Timely eliminate hidden dangers of various accidents。

Conference emphasized,Current,flood season、Summer、"Three Phase IPR" during the peak production period,Safety production management work must be "strict、fine、Real ",Resolutely eliminate zero crushed accidents,Strict safety risk during flood prevention,Do a good job of implementing high temperature safety measures,High alert、Strictly M88 appguard against death,Resolutely curb various types of production safety accidents。

will be on,Drived the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood prevention and drought resistance,Drives the Recent Provincial Safety Production Conference and the Group's Safety and Environmental Office Society in the third quarter。Huangling Mining、Shaanxi Jiao Company、Building Materials Technology、Construction Group exchanged speeches around the three -year action work of governance of its own cure。Group Corporation's Safety Supervision Department summarized the safety work in June,Arrange the main tasks of the three -year operation of security work and the control of the first half of the year in July and the second half of the year。

Group Corporation's Safety Supervision Department、Environmental Protection Supervision Department、Basic Construction Management Department、Propaganda Department、Human Resources Department、Trade Union、Coal Division、Chemical Industry Department、Relevant person in charge of the Electric Power Division attended the meeting at the main venue,All units belonging to the group company are in charge of safety、Production、Leadership of Technology,Safety、Production、Technology、Fire、Residents and other departments and relevant personnel attended the meeting at each units。(Xu Baoping m88 casinoWang Xiaofei Guo Congzheng)

Source: Shaanxi Coal Group website